Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Scientology !!

Sorry but I found this in the Stale .com ,it is an article about the founder of the scientology religion ' if you don't know then you didn't watch Tom cruise's last TV interviews !!'
I won't say much but for God Sake what kind of liquor did Mr. Ron drunk before got his brilliant theory about the origin of universe
It is not as good type as we say in Egypt may be he drunk an oil car !!!!!!!!
and Cruise is saying psychiatry is pseudo Science !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just for the history ,there was an attempt to prompt to Scientology in Egypt but thanks to the emergency laws ,it didn't reach out to our society
As I remember the attempt was through a booth in the famous Cairo international Book Fair ,one of the greatest cultural events in Egypt , the booth was full of books and videos ,bla bla bla ,very expensive also yet all the money went in vein as the security took all the books and the two Arab scientologists and the case was closed , Aliens supporters you are not welcome in the Nile valley
Well I admit this was from the few or rare benefits of the emergency law :)

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  1. Scientology was among the very first things I came across back when the Internet was new to me.

    I thought exactly like you did. Not that I usually refuse new philosophies or religions, but I thought how could these people take themselves seriously!
    It's a 'plastic' religion/philosophy.

    Many years later, in July 2003, when I was visiting London, I couldn't resist entering their little shop (church?) that I stumbled into. It was full of books and meeting and tutoring rooms.

    I had to go out quickly before somebody offered to give me a talk or something.
    I would burst in laughing.


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