Tuesday, July 12, 2005

El Shekih Emam officail website,

El-Shekih Emam Officail website
I forgot to post this last month ,but here it is to the Egyptian sand Arab who love the song of this old blind man who enriched the Egyptian music with his political songs avec the great famous Egyptian poet 'Ahmed Foaud Nagm ' A.k.A the idoit
Those damgerous duet were considered as danger as Bin Laden to the western civilization ,to the Egyptian regimes in all times especailly in 60s ,70s ,80s and even 90s and till now
Their works are still prohibited acrooss the Arab world
They belong to the left wing ,communist side in the Egyptian political map yet their work was praised by all ,they got master pieces
especailly the two ,one written after the six days war in 1967 and they were jailed after it
the second was after Sadaat murder and they were already in Jail
I like their work despite I am not communist but I love my country like them and I feel like them
it is great site
so please Egyptians,Arabs and those who read and understand arabic go and visit it

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