Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More question marks about the El-Qaida Statement

Still with El-Qaida , if you read the post I made about the London Blasts you would know that I noticed some points in the statement of El-Qaida that Claimed responibility for the terrorist act now after four or five days more Arabic experts read it and sure they got more expert eye than I do
I admit when I read the statement by Arabic I didn't give attention to the introduction of the statement , I went for the core ,I thought it has the usual beginning but it seemed wrong
After beginning with the Name of God and after it ,the peace and prayers upon the prophet Mohammed 'PBUH" [they used strange characteristics of the prophet they were never used to gether and I have doubts about one of them and its meaning by Arabic ]
They Said the following {in English}
'Cheer up nation of Islam , Cheer up nation of Arabhood or Arabnism' [don't know the suitable word]
Now Those so -called Radical Islamic groups 'I rather call them Bin Laden and CO. ' don't admit the Arab nation as a project or as identity ,they never admit it
and this remark was made by several not just one terrorism Expert but several in many different Arab countries and it is true
Those Groups don't recongnize the Arab nationalism movement despite its effectiveness in the 50s and 60s 'led to the indepedence of most Arab countries and encouraged and fostered the independence of the Islamic Countries'
They think it contradicts with Islam despite the fact Arab nationalism comes from Islam ,and for me they are two pieces for one Coin ,and every Muslim prays ,he or she prays in Arabic and thus becomes Arabic not by birth but with Belief
They have this wrong mispercetion because they Arab nationalism is fostered by Christian and Communist West ironically
Go back to history
Did you see the Movie ' Lawrence of Arabia ' this long great movie , some of based on true events others were the imagination of Western movie makers
The Arabic revolution started when Souod of Arabia wanted to have his kingdom and also to have his revenge after many years of the failure of Wahbi revolution in Arabia ' Egyptian army did the job and got rid of the origin of Radicalism in Modern age Mohammed Abd EL-Wahab '
now go back to the Movie ,England saw it as opportunity to get rid of Turkey out or Region and come in instead of it ,so they supported The Souds in their fight and what is called the Arabic revolution occurred yet the modern wahbis hate it because of the British support despite the fact it gave them the rule of the most holy places in the Islamic world ,something they didn't dare to dream of before the revolution ,something when they tried to approach I guess in 1815 ,the spiritual leader paid his life for it by the hand of Egyptian Ibrahim Basha 'greatest Egyptian Warrior in the modern time'
then came to the 50s and 60s era ,the cold war era with third world occupied Arab and Islamic countries began to have its independence and revolution turning Kingdoms to Republics , Start was in Egypt 'it is always starts in the land of the NILE :)' the best thing in Nasr ,the illusion and Mirage he fooled Arabs from the Gulf to OCEAN with the Arab nationalism
I believe in it but not in his terms but in liberal terms, anyway now in 50s and 60s ,the Egyptian regime and most of newly born Arabic regimes embraced the Arab nationalism with many of Communist socialist ideas but it was the fashion these days ,so those groups see them as infidel regimes with their associations to ex.U.S.S.R
This is from the political and historical point of view

But let's go from the ideological point of view why they don't admit or recongnize the Arab nationalism as part of their agenda
The Arab nationalism means reviving the Arab identity whether you are Muslim or Christian or Jew ,whether you are Arab or Kurd or barber
Those group don't recongnize anything except Islam which is also redefined according to their twisted radical views
historically the ideology and return to the Arabic roots were began to take shape on the hands of the Christian and Dorooz Syrians and Lebanese escaping from the Turkish rule and fostered by the Egyptian ruler at that time Mohammed Ali who succeeded in making the ever first Arabic nation from Libya to Syria including Egypt and Saudi Arabia , ,Ali was the father of Ibrahim Basha and by his orders that Mohammed bin Abd EL-Wahb revolution was killed in its cradle temporarily
As you see it is not the same twisted strange ideology that those groups behold
now the question ,since when they care that much for the Arab nation ??
Why at this time?
do they try to win the new Arab nationalists who came back in business ? That what I believe , inserting Iraq image and the departure American and British forces from it which is the main target for the new Arab nationalists now

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