Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ok this is really silly as mummies are not so beautiful ,after all they are dead bodies refuse to decay , anyway this is an old news ,in the Sakara area ,there was a new discovery made by worldwide famous Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawas ,The mummy was for a woman ,I don't remember she was either a princess or priestess or even a wife of a V.I.P in Ancient Egypt
The mummy is not the one which is beautiful by it is the Sarcophagus
It is the box which the mummy was put in
this time as you see from the photos ,it is so beautiful craved ,by vivid colors and I guess it is all from wood
Dr. Hawas said it is the most beautiful mummy he had ever found ,well the man is true about that
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  2. It's interesting that the face skin color is darker than the average Egyptian.

  3. I noticed that Ramy , well may be she came from the south , lots of dynasties come from there ,in fact I heard that there were kings from Sudan ruled Egypt for sometimes !!!


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