Wednesday, August 3, 2005

A king buried in unmarked grave

Muslims, Saudis Say Goodbye to King Fahd - Yahoo! News
from two days the late King Fahad of Saudia Arabia passed away and on Wednesday there was a big funeral from him ,all leaders around the world came to share the Saudis their grief and Loss. I was really sad despite the fact I am not a big admirer to the Saudi regime ,after all it is a dictator regime yet in the funeral I was really astonished just like the westerner and the non-Muslims to find out that the late king of the one of the most richest country in the world to be buried in unmarked grave ,just hole in the land beside seven other kings include the founder of K.S.A King Abdel -Aziz Al-Souod ,and laid to the earth peacefully in astonishing way in the Oud cemetery 'which I guess not for the royalties

Late King was laid in the Earth just like a beggar from streets , this comes from the truth that All people in front of of God are Equal , and Death doesn't distinguish between a king or beggar, all go back to the same earth we came from , no need for great tombs and graves , the owner is dead after all

It amazed me as an Egyptian not as a Muslim ,as Muslim for the first time I feel that Wahbis didn't beyond the correct teachings as usual ,but as Egyptian I am amazed ,simply because I am from country which believes the death is holy thing that great tombs and graves must be made to comfort the dead ,after all Aren't the pyramids the great tombs ever!?

And look to our modern ages , in Egypt the graves of Nasser and El-Sadaat!!!

King Fahad 'may God bless his soul ' brayuial reminds me with some versus written by great Egyptian Poet Salah Jahin that unfortunately I don't remember now

it says in general look to the cemetery ,this tomb for prince and this tomb for simple poor guard ,both got the same bad smell !

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