Friday, August 5, 2005

Farewell Zeinab El-Gazaly

From two days ,the Egyptian Islamist woman leader Zeinab El-Gazaly had passed away ,after 89 years , those who don't know this lady ,I will tell who she was ,she was the sister of the famous Shekih El-Gazaly ' the Egyptian one who lived in the modern age not the other one who live in middle age ,believe me some people thought so !!!!
Zeinab El-Gazaly was a member in the women brench of the Muslims Brotherhood along with her brother and for that she was impriosned for 10 years in the Nasser era , a very bad experience she wrote about in a book called 'Days from my life'
I found this book on our bookshelf and I tell you t I could n't complete it ,it is so sad to know that humans are humiliated in such way ,not any humans but women ,I felt so sad yet I believe as we say in Egypt she saw a day in all those who hurt her like Nasser
In the book she accussed him directly despite the claims that he was the angle who knew nothing about what was going in the Egyptian Jails
Well even without her book I believe in that ,Nasser wasn't the fool that they want the people to believe in , he knew everythng and he was responsible and the origin of all the rotten system techinques used till now
Anyway May God bless her Soul
She was great example on how a muslim can be patient
Patience will lead to strength that your enemies don't have
She was the strong they were the weak

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