Monday, August 8, 2005

Whether The U.S wanted him or not

It is all the about the new president of Iran Ahmed Najad , with all the talk about his participation in the hostage operation during the Irani revolution, I saw the pictures ,the old one and the new one and I can't see it is not him or not , first Iranis somehow look alike especially when they got black beard and hear !!!!!!! neverless I think the nose is different
anyway How could I know ,yet a ,C.I.A expert said it is him ,it is some one else!!!but before this important discovery the American administration said that they would check of it , I felt that Mr.Najad was
I am sorry but it is silly ,I know it has bad memories for the Americans but excuse me ,he is an elected president of another country , another Soverinigty
Yes he is radical ,Yes he sees the U.S as the Grand devil , but remember he is an elected ,chosen by his own people , The poor people in Iran chose him because they believe he could raise their living
So whatever he did in his post ,his people don't care
And if what He was the one in the image ,what would the U.S do ? Order an siege
and what would the Iranis do? Surround and change their president for fear!!!!!!! Come on they already do what they want in their nuclear planet
If the U.S doesn't want Najad because he could have participated in the hostages of American embassy in Tehran, then they should excuse the Egyptian people and the American embassy in Cairo should stop from complaining about the Egyptian demands calling The trial of Sharon as war Criminal 'Killing thousands of Egyptian soldiers P.O.W in 1967 '
What Happens in Iran is already could happen any Arabic country that is ruled by a dictator that has back up with the American support
Iran saw a lot under the rule of Shah Reza and the Americans supported him and it seems that not only Arabs can't easily forget


  1. How many Iranians voted in the last election? Also, how many candidates were "disqualified" for not have the right political beliefs?

  2. you didn't see the Egyptian elections .see it and you will know that Irani is a great example of Democracy a role model


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