Thursday, September 1, 2005

Katrina ,the force of nature

Katrina ,the worst hurricane the U.S had ever seen gave a lesson to humans of how strong nature can be ,Man with all the Science and powers he has ,with all the weapons he has ,he still a very weak creature just a paper of leaf in front huge wind that blows it to the unknown
look what happened to New Orleans and Mississippi 'two of my favorite American states ,that I wish to visit some day Inshallah ,also I have a very dear friend there ,Ali I really wish that you and your family are fine and good'
anyway , we are very weak spice
we pretend to be strong while we are weak
we pretend to know everything while we are ignorant
we pretend to rule the world ,while we can't control our selves
we are just pathetic creatures
The Strength of the greatest powers on Earth became the weakest
this is God's anger
some will not agree and Say you are just a crazy Muslim but is not everything moves on the Earth ,moves by the Well of God


  1. A few questions:
    1) Why is Mississippi your favorite state. It's probably the state number 50 in everything (not trying to say that Tennessee is much better @!, It's probably number 48).

    2) "this is God's anger".. Since I tackled this in my blog, I want to ask you: How would you know it's "anger"?
    Why wouldn't you call it God's mercy?

    I'm writing a couple of articles to discuss it, but meanwhile, you can take my poll about it :)

  2. The Answers
    1) I like Mississippi because for many reasons ,the river and the culture of South there ,the Mark Twain novels especailly huckleberry finn also don't forget the great gone with the wind

    2) well It seems an anger to me ,all this destruction and losses ,may be there is hidden Mercy as you say but we don't know this yet

  3. Well could it be just nature that is reacting to all the harm we caused her.

    Really why do we have to bring God in the middle of this, maybe there is just no God!

  4. The river is great, I love it and I spend much time there.

    As for the other question, we are very myopic (short sighted) compared to the divine perspective.

    By saying: "may be there is hidden Mercy as you say but we don't know this yet" you are right. We don't know this yet, but how could we know the other one (yet) either?

    I'll give you some clues. How about:
    - The amount of water brought by these hurricanes will save the world from famine in 200 or 300 years when extensive desertification happens.
    - The destruction of these areas may help uncover some hidden treasures, sources of energy, etc...?? Isn't that how the earth was formed? Through storms, earthquakes, volcanos, etc...?

    People will die anyway, because this is our nature. However, if we put ourselves at God's place and try to understand His will and plans, we should take every event and calculate its benefit versus loss for every single creature on the planet, not only today, but in the future too. We obviously cannot do that; so we shouldn't claim it to anger or mercy or whatsoever, unless we have the gift of prophecy?
    This is my opinion...


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