Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Killing the national banking sector

Why on earth a successful bank like Misr International Bank should be sold to National societe general bank like this ?
MIBank is the second successful bank after CIB and the NSG is the third in the private sector banks
now first I studied Banking this year I know what I am talking about ,also I got relatives in MIBANK and I had a summer trainning there in my second year
What the NSG had done is an acqustion process ,more a bank buys another bank and delete its identity as independent body and simply put its name instead of the old one 'this is in simple words '
oK acquistion in Normal countries always happens that powerful bank buys weak bank not powerful one like in MIBANK case ,so here is the first remark
The correct form should have been Merger
why didn't the employees informed by this from earlier time?
the important and much much more dangerous remark
what happened in the stock market ,I have a friend who owns a brokage company told me that there is something fishy in the MIBANK Case
The shares were bought by NSG by 43 Egyptian pounds
while there was an offer by BBP to buy it with 11 american dollars
43 L.E is very low price according to my friend in the stock market kitchen ,very low !!!!!!
Is this the price MIbank should be sold for ???
It is good policy the Central Bank of Egypt to encourage the merger and the acqusition but not in that way
Already they started from few years with it I guess with the Egyptian real eastate with the Arabic real estate bank
It is an excellent policy to enforce the Banking system in Egypt ,especailly the National banking system
but this is killing it ,selling a successful national bank to a foreigner bank !!??
I just want to know why !!???

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