Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mattie Weiss: Robertson's not alone in his dislike of Chavez

Mattie Weiss: Robertson's not alone in his dislike of Chavez

A great article ,I just wish that there are many americans who share this gentle Man Mr. Mattie Weiss his ideas ,it is a reality not for Caracas not only but only the countries that the U.S adminstration doesn't like it and put on its agenda for threats and punishment

Ironically they are making those leaders and presidents that they hate and oppose a more popular figures in their country and in the eyes of their people ,it is not a new thing but an old thing

The people for third world country already suffer from the selfish american adminstration decisions ,they see it as the grand satan like the iranis do ,and those people are stubborn ,as ironically they don't have much to lose ,so they go for the enemy of their enemy and make him their hero friend examples are not only in Beautiful Venezuela but in Lebanon and Iran

some of the blacklisted names in the american agenda are not so bad in reality like the U.S adminstration wants to show to their media to frighten their people

Chaves is an example ,he is a hero in the eyes of the poor people of his country while the ironically the rich people hate him !!!
Ahmed Najad of Iran also being elected by the poor people of his country .
Hazballah is very respected and very popular in the south .
Hamas is popular in Gaza.
By the stupid White house war administration people like Osama bin Laden became popular ,targeting a whole religion and occupying countries and killing 100 thousands because of a terrorist group made people in the East in the Islamic East more and more angry to the United States

This radical Christian who recommended to kill Chaves I guess he also insulted Prophet Mohamed 'PBUH' rudelly ,so no surprise

Bush and co.are feeding racism and hate

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