Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Egyptian Intelligence Jubilee

Did you know that this Year the Egyptian Intelligence is celebrating its 50th year anniversary? Yes it is its Jubilee, it was established in Year 1955, and Yes we celebrating this important occasion by producing this stupid TV Series "Agent 1001".
I was surprised from few months when I read in the Al-Akhbar newspaper, a small little article about this silent body, the name of the journalist who wrote it was there and that's why I guessed that someone from the intelligence service itself wrote it.
First you must know that I am from the generation that was raised upon the Writings of Dr.Nabil Farouk; my favorite series books in my teenage hood were The Impossible Man: Adham Sabri and Cocktail 2000 instead of Abair romantic series, Farouk wasn't the first to introduce me to this world but it were the great legend of Espionage literature in Egypt: Saleh Morsi 'Author of Rafaat El-Hagan' and Ibrahim Massoud
My favorite spy story for Saleh Morse which turned me upside down and made me till now respect this service in Egypt is not Rafaat El-Hagan, to say the truth I didn't read till now, my favorite was Samia Fahmy, the Egyptian Communist journalist whose great love to her finance didn't stop her from informing that the later was a spy for Iseral.
This is the greatest kind of Romance ever, she loved her Finance so much but she is mad in love with her Country
This novel was the start than Came Massoud's "Dalia in the Spies trap", it was made a movie starring Mahmoud Abd El-aziz and Hala Sadky, a good one, this story I love it too.
The two books "I still have Samia Fahmy two parts books' were the introduction to Dr.Nabil Farouk
Already I had got a good and strong background before I entered it, no white Color, I remember even I knew few about the Scandal of Egyptian intelligence which Farouk doesn't want to speak about it , but I speak about it
then Came Adham Sabri, the Egyptian Arabic version of James Bond 007, I was for the few who read the No.1, 2 and 3 from the impossible Man, to say the truth I wasn't attracted so much to Sabri, the super man who fights an army and knows all kind of Martial arts, the sexy man who all women fall in love with in the first sign, the Walking encyclopedia who knows 10 living and dead language ,you know I just wish that Sabri goes a country where He doesn't its native languages and accent
I bet you realized I am bit aggressively Criticizing this Sabri ,but as I informed you before already I wasn't small little girl ,I was exactly 12 years old ,who got a simple yet strong background ,one thing for sure no human got these super talents even James Bond ,Bond only knew English his mother tongue, French and German his own mother languages , Bond's mom was from Switzerland ,and Of course the Russian with love ' I told I know that world well enough' , only four language Bond knows them ,while the No.1 rare spy of Egypt knows every language on this Earth.
Another thing I hate about Sabri, the romance, the women fight over him, His babes Mona and Gihan not to mention Sonia who is always wearing a Haute Courtier semi Portal –semi naked Dress day and night, of course he loves Mona for ages and yet they don't have time for marriage, a surprise for you I was among the Minority who favored Gihan on Mona ,Mona is a typical Bond Babe who is just there to be kidnapped to blackmail Sabri ,and Sabri always saves the gal , the world and the day.
Don't get me wrong but I have until now big Crashes to Sabri but in not the regular series editions, but the Special editions, the Special editions about the real A.S in real life, his adventures in Iseral during the war and after it, Farouk is saying day and night that there is a real A.S of course not with the Robot superman qualification of Sabri, but in human qualification
I believe 50% that A.S is a real person like you and me, and 50% I believe A.S is not just one man but many men Farouk read about them in the files of the intelligence archive
Anyway I am bit a girl after all ,if Mr.A.S comes one day visiting this humble Egyptian blog ,I will say I love Mr.A.S ,I love more than many VIPs in Egypt including GM 'Hey Farah'
I will stop here as I talked so much and ironically in side talks not away yet not so near to our main topic that is the Jubilee but this is the first time I talk about myself and my hobbies which among them is discovering unknown worlds including the Espionage World, next time I will Complete talking about the Egyptian Intelligence itself and also Agent 1001


  1. Adel Imam playing Goma Elshwan in "tears in ugly eyes" was a breath-taking experience for me to look into the heroism of Egyptian intelligent.

    So, Happy Jubilee and thanks for all their service to Egypt.

    By the way, I still remember the scene when Adel Imam was alone in the Egyptian intelligent office writing every thing he remembered at the request of the officer. His eyes then looked up and found the photo of Naser on the wall. He immediately spoke to the image apologizing to Naser if he had forgot any information.

    Although it is too much to believe that someone will talk to an image, still Adel Imam was brilliant in this scene.

  2. Yes Goma El-Shwan is one of my favorite, it was compiled also by Saleh Morsi
    I love the real Goma El-Shwan ,he is so intelligent and wise
    The Tv-Series was on of the best series ever and Eman was great in it

  3. The Egyptian Intelligence is a big fiasco. Don't be fooled by the same people who say yes for mubarak, Sadat and Nasser. They fake everything like they changed the idea that Eygpt history starts after 1952

  4. "Did you know that this Year the Egyptian Intelligence is celebrating its 50th year anniversary? Yes it is its Jubilee, it was established in Year 1955, and Yes we celebrating this important occasion by producing this stupid TV Series "Agent 1001".

    It is't a stupid TV show, if anything, i believe it's made me feel even more love for Egypt than i ever had in my life!

  5. well what for me ya Sou to tell why I don't like the Tv series of Agent 1001
    plus I don't need a tv series to love to be madly in love with my country
    also mr. anonymous I will answer back again

  6. Zeinobia, the reason i said this tv show has made me love Egypt even more is because i live abroad. I don't live in Egypt, i don't interact with life in Egypt etc..

    So when i watched the series, it instilled me with overwhemling patriotic emotions for Egypt.

    I'm just trying to justify my position here. Have you even seen the series?

  7. can you tell me why do u call the agent 1001 a stupid one, i didn't get your point!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Question: The last part of the movie series "Samia Fahmy Files " is ready?....Please answer!! I was playing in that movie and i want to see how it came out!! Please answer me!! My email adress is Luckiyannnn(at) OR Luckiyannnn(at) Thanks!!!


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