Thursday, November 10, 2005

Amal othman won after all :(

Yesterday Hazem Abu Ismail of Muslim brotherhood was declared as the winner in the elections for the Parilament membership for the Dokki and Agouza ,and I was so happy that Amal othman lost for the first time since very very long time
Yet today suddenly the results were changed and Amal won by the miracle of finding some 8000 votes !!!!!!!!!!
Cheating as usual
Of course the Members representing the Agouza and Dokki are still Amal Othman and Sayed Gohar:(
I don't know why I have the feeling that Amal Othman is a communist in the communist party in Ex: U.S.S.R
May be the hair cut , the style of her cloths I don't know , she seems to me more socialist
There is no big difference anyway between the communist party in Soviet Russia and the NDP in Egypt ,the only difference is that the first is communist and the later is capitalistic from outside ,the great common factor between them beside corruption is the policy committee
Hopefully the NDP will have the same doomed history like the communist party
Check the latest news about the election in both


  1. and what do u think baby of the muslim brothers???????????? nothing wrong about them I HOPE THAT WE AS EGYPTIAN DONT LOOK FROM A VERY NARROW VIEW LIKE U BECAUSE CHANGING IS NOT OUR AIM BUT CHANGING FOR BETTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR IS OUR GOAL AND AIM AND EVERYTHING SO WE HAVE TO FIND A suitable individuals for that changing not changing for just changing am I WRONG??????? EGYPT THEN EGYPT THEN EGYPT (PUT THAT IN UR MIND)THANK U

  2. well we won't lose to try for oncesomeone different than the NDP
    believe me if the Socailists or nasris or anyone else instead of Hazem Ismail I would support him
    by the way I don't look from a narrow view because I also see the pros and cons of Muslim brotherhood
    Yet I don't look for just change but change for better
    And believe Mr.Anonymous I put Egypt in my mind Egypt first and I don't need anyone to tell me that

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  4. My Dear Anonymous,

    I do not want you to get concerned in case the NDP did not win for two reasons:

    1) Egypt can not get any worse. Are you living in Egypt? If you are then you should know that. If you are living outside Egypt like myself then ... you should also know that :)

    2) At this stage, any change will be good and I mean "any change." The situation now is like a still water pond that smells really bad. This pond can use some shaking to clear its stagnating surface.

    One more thing:

    ... are you kidding? Seriously? Do you really think there is any one worse than the NDP? I would vote for Ahmed Alsabahy and wear "Tarbosh" if this means getting rid of NDP.

    What does the NDP stands for really?

    Remember "Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely."

    Let us get the NDP a chance to regenerate itself by giving it a chance to lose its majority. This will be the best service Egyptians can give to the NDP in my openion.

  5. I’m not the Anonymous Above.

    Yes Egyptian-in-USA, Egypt can get worse

    Remember the sixties, when you are considered a capitalist if you owned your home. When the government took people positions and distributed it on the few cronies of the people in power. When every one was put on scale, there was no difference between the people who work and those who don’t. When. It was easier to get out of Loman Toura, than getting out of Egypt?? Remember those days????

    Egypt can also get worse if there is not clear division between the religion and the state. A Moslem Brotherhood control will put Egypt back Centuries.

  6. well anonymous no.2 ,I don't think Egypt is going back to these old dark days ,I know what are you talking about despite I didn't live it thank God but these days I believe it won't come back , Egyptians won't accept it ,the world is different now
    oh correction getting out of Egypt was much easier than Loman toura at these days
    concerning the muslim brothers and seperation of the State and religion, well if there is really democracy ,there will be no fear from them as in Democractic socities governments and parties come and go and the people's rights stay as it is

  7. Why would not those days come back Zeinobia? Because, you say, people will not accept it? Really!!!

    Which people? You mean Egyptian people?

    Interesting, since when, does the Egyptian people accept and reject things?

  8. well I guess the Egyptian people saw alot that they won't accept by certain things
    important fact is that time has changed also the people have changed


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