Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pidyon Sheivuyim Squad

Telegraph News For hire: elite Israeli squad who can break you out of jail
interesting , just like in hollywood movies !!!!!!!!
What is interesting that this squad team is based upon an old jewsih code Pidyon Sheivuyim, a redemiption of Capitve , this anicent law calls the jews to free their fellows for captive
The Squad is from the ex-officers in the Specail forces in Isreali army "their mission is not so different from Kidnapping and killing, remember Abu Gihad assissnationin Tunsia "
The article of Telegraph didn't mention if these fellows were guilty deserved to be punished or unguilty sent to jail unjustly and need to be free from a developing country prison
The price of this squad can go up till 150,000$ so it is not a free of charge for poor Iseralis as I see

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