Thursday, November 10, 2005

Amal Othman failed for the first time ,the results of the elections

Just few hours some results were declared you can check them in my favorite Egyptian new source
The news that made so so happy is that for the first time , in Dokki and Aguoza committee Amal othman ,the ex-minister and NDP member lost the elections of the parliament against the banned Muslim brotherhood member Hazam Abu Ismail, for the first time ,you know I am not because he is from the Muslim brotherhood but happy that she lost .
The bad expected news is that the old and new guards of NDP : Shazely,Sorror, Azami,Botrus and Ezz !!!!:(
Already Nour lost the elections ,also Magdy Hussein
I wish that Mona Makram Abid wins in Shobra yet already in Dream TV 10 o'clock she complains from obvious cheating in some committees !!!
My aunt told me something wise "Do you think with transparent boxes and media promotion there will be a democracy ? Do you believe that they want a normal democracy life in Egypt ? If this is a democracy life in Egypt ,they will all end ."
People I am Egyptian and I say that I don't care about this parliament as it is representing me ,it is based upon cheating and regimes wishes not people wishes


  1. First, thanks for the good news about Amal Othman. I am from Dokki too!

    Second, If "they" do not care about "a normal democracy life in Egypt" as your Aunt said, then you, me and all other Egyptians should care. You will not have democracy until you ask for it. No one give free gifts. You have to keep asking for your right.

    You have to care about the parliment. We all have to care about it!

  2. thanks Egyptian in USA for giving some hope
    you know it is sad and frustrating to see people like Kamal El-Shazely wins time over time ,believe me it is so frustrating !!!!!!


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