Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hotel blasts kill dozens in Jordan

Just few hours Regular Jordanian people were celebrating a wedding in Redisson Hotel over the dead sea when a suicide bomber entered the hall and bombed himself in the crowd 167 are injured and 67 are dead ,I feel so sad for this bloody murder ,it is murder crime to kill innocent unarmed people and I guess it is even more not human to kill those innocent unarmed people celebrating a wedding ceremony.
A wedding that turned to mass funeral for the guests
I wonder who will benefit from these blasts ,as beside the wedding blast there was one in the lobby of Raddison Hotel and another one ,a bombed car outside another hotel , in the dead sea area I suppose
It is terrible but it is expected with all the troubles in the Middle East ,already there are many who oppose the policies of the regime in Jordan "A monarchy based rule country" , since the 50s and Jordan had strong relations with the West that created for it enemies in the East starting with Nasser in Egypt , the strong relations with the United States and Israel is the fast reason people can reach as the motive behind this blast with the regular suspect nowadays Al-Qaida and its branch in El-Sham and the Euphrates countries A.K.a Abu Mossab El-Zaraqawi , who is Jordanian by the way,
But guys is that strange that most victims are from the native Jordanian people , I mean if some terrorist group wants to target the Jordanian -Israel relations or the American -Jordanian relations ,they would target a group of Israeli tourists or American tourists , I don't mean that I am with targeting those heavens forbid but I am speaking from a logic perspective ,why bombing a Jordanian wedding !!!!!!
yeah I know I always use the conspiracy theory mind set but in our region don't omit this option ,there could be indirect reasons just like the sharm sheikh incident which till now no one knows who really did it or even why ?!!!
You know when I heard in the news about the blasts I thought some Israeli tourist group were targeted then the big surprise a wedding , a Jordanian
what is interesting that the Jordanian government declared today Thursday as day off for educational establishments and governmental offices ,Strange right!!!!!
Well Egypt faced a lot of terrorist acts and we never took one day off
Quote - Hotel blasts kill dozens in Jordan - Nov 9, 2005

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