Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Deny till the end

"Deny till the end." Said the old movie stars agent to the conjoint twin brothers," Deny that your brother stuck on you" and the two brothers looked to each other then to him as  insane as It is unbelievable to deny  that they are conjoint twin
"This is what I told Rock Hudson, Deny till the end"
That Scene is from Movie "Stuck on You", I remember it when I read the results of Investigation made by the D.A in Egypt Mr. Maher Abd El-Wahd saying there is no CD or Play presented in Margarges Church in Alexandria insulting the Islam, and all was a conspiracy made to destroy the Unity of the two elements of the Valley of the Nile.
Big address in the daily Ahram newspaper with Abd El-Wahd image "No play or CD"
It seems to me that both the Authorities represented in MR. Maher Abd El-Wahd and the official newspapers represented in Daily Ahram are both lying, and this is something it is not new on them, or unexpected but the thing here in previous times there is no evidence expect some conspiracies with no proof, this time we got the greatest proof "The play itself"
I don't know if they think they're fooling the public or fooling themselves "the later option is better, Already the Egyptian Orthodox Church declared that there is already play produced by this name, also the opposition newspapers that the government is dealing with as if they were dealing with Israeli newspapers, El-Dostor was the first to publish CD and play Content .more than the Play is already uploaded to the internet and it is available online on the Egyptian blog . .
The regime unfortunately is dealing with any national crisis especially the Muslim-Christian problem like the Ostrich putting, on the official level we are great country, the Pope with Sheikh El-Azher, Kisses and Fatr tables here and there and it is over ,some alien forces are targeting Egypt, exactly just like the Ostrich hiding its head in the sand and leaving the rest of its body anyone can hunt it down same thing in the Egyptian regime leaving the Christian issue in Egypt with no solution and then complaining from those Copts agents working outside the borders.
Ironically Abd El-Wahd's statement came so late after the things were calmed down, so no one gave it attention from the public except those who still care about this nation and its unity.
Yes most of those angry rioters who went down in Mohram Bak Quarter that Smashed the Churches doors and windows didn't see the CD or play and their acts were wrong but this doesn't say there was no CD or play, no there was and there was a great insult to Islam religion
This statement along with many of government and regime denials are making the Egyptian people more and more not to trust the government, Egyptians are smart enough to know who is fooling them and regime is doing this on all levels and in reality the regime is fooling itself only .This is hope the dictatorship based regimes lose its creditability and support from the people by denials, lying and falsying the truth.
I don't know what will be wrong if the statement came that there was a play produced by the Church and there are insults to Islam religion in it, may be the fear that Muslims across Egypt and they are the majority to be angry and act as those rioters, well a civilized act from the Church a simple Apology from the Pope would have ended all those trouble from the beginning.
Anyway today night at 10 o'clock my favorite primetime show presented by the talented Mona El-shazely will discuss this topic with Dr.Milad Hanna.
And till then the Government and regime will deny till the end


  1. Milad Hanna kept saying about the unity in Egypt and hope the old generation is better than the younger and there is some silence anger in the nation causing this

    the one who really I respect in this eposide was Dr.Tarek El-Bashri


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