Wednesday, November 9, 2005

The night of elections,when this circus is going to end!!!!!

I can't take it anymore with these stupid promotion methods especially those of NDP ,Moving cars day and night especially late at night , at mid night cheering for NDP , my grandmother was so sick in the last four days living on painkillers and could barely sleep at night ,so you can imagine her feelings and her anger when this stupid pickup car moving around saying loudly "Vote for Mr.X , The NDP Candidate"
My grandmother 's Turkish temper began to erupt when she began cursing their parents and the day they came to this world
I am saying this now and My grandmother is feeling better thank God because it is not civilized thing to move around with loud speaker in you car without considering the feelings of the people escapailly at mid night
another thing why all this Billboards and posters everywhere ,already the result will be Majority for NDP and the opposition Minority will be the Muslim brotherhood and the rest of Parties ?!!
Remember these words above
Why all this great spending of money in a country the people under the poverty line are exceeding more and more?
Why all this pollution to the environment with the posters and Microphones ,speakers and so on?
The results is already known
oh before I forgot did you see the Hossam Badroawy ad on MSNArabia ?


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