Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Thank God Nirvana is angry

Yes God is fair ,thank God that the untalented TV-presenter whose salary is 15000 $ got angry from all the criticism in the newspapers and from the people
She didn't appear yesterday
and I didn't fellow Bit-Batik from the beginning but I found Mahmoud Saad saying 'Guys if you don't like one of us ,please tell us but not in this way '
This is the gift of the Feast Thank God
15000$ a month for one person untalented in a country that poverty line is getting bigger and bigger
15000$ in a country unemployment in it exceeding day by day
all this because She supports the President and his Party !!!


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  2. I have no idea about that..

    Who's Nirvana?
    What did she do to get attacked?

  3. Nirvana Edris
    An Egyptian TV presenter born and raised in Gulf in Kuwait and worked in the Kuwaiti Tv
    The came to the AUC to Complete her education
    left the Kuwait Tv for some financail scandal with her husband
    since then She worked in Orbit network as the Co-host with Amad Adib in Cairo today then with his brother
    No talent at all, didn't give any value added to the show
    only good in hosting football players, singer especailly from the Gulf other than that she is big zero
    anyway Lady Nirvana arrived to the National tv as a reward ,a reward to present El-Bitbatik a stupid daily show on Channel two especailly they needed some one to return viewers to it after losing its attractiveness as its competitor in Dream 2 10'clock took all viewers
    Nirvana did nice thing to take 15000$ yes dollar a month in Egyptian Tv , while she was in Orbit hosting Ayman Nour in the presidential elections, she attacked him so badly and said strange words "I have to obey and support President Mubarak as God ordered me so as a muslim" you won't imagine what happened on that eposide ,viewers got angry and the Orbit fired her
    when she came to the Egyptian tv's Bitbatik they replaced three talented nice young tv presenters with her
    All Ramadan she proved how bad she is on levels
    All newspaper attacked her because she doesn't worth 15000$ a month taken from the public money

  4. Seems that you really dun like her :)
    But, yeah I am with you she is not talanted at all and doesn't worth that salary anyway

  5. Just to clarify the context: The reward of transferring Nirvana to government TV after leaving Orbit was anticipated after her unprofessional, pathetic and smug bias to Mubarak during the Orbit's coverage of the elections which was obvious in all her commentary and in all the discussions and in her dealing with the audience who called to sound their disgust of her methods.


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