Wednesday, November 2, 2005

I won't accept this in my blog

I am so angry and sad despite the fact it is only less 24 hours from the Feast but what can I say?
I found two of my visitors leaving very rude offensive comments containing very dirty insults, it is not about me or about the blog "I don't know how I was going to feel if they were targeting me."
Simply they got different point of views, okay, but it reached out of the limits and crossed all the lines of decency and reason.
It is all about whether Mr.Gamal was handsome or not 'despite the fact I didn't talk about this in my post concerning Gamal Mubarak' support to Zamalak Club didn't come far or close to his look ,I don't care ' yet two of my visitors turned to a war of words to calling Mothers and father ….
I won't accept this in my blog, in my space, where I share the whole world my thoughts and feelings
My Dear visitors I won't accept this, go to another place with your insults, it is a cursing place, and it is place for sharing thoughts and civilized conversation, take it or leave.
And who got a good word or be silent.
I am sorry but you won't imagine the rudeness of these two comments that I had omitted for the second time in my blogging life ,as I omitted before a spam comment ,yet thank God that was good enough to make the comment verification ,I wish they make something for those offensive comments
I won't accept this
I won't accept this in my blog


  1. good thoughts,go on.
    can i get her job for only 150 LE

  2. Dun bother yourself, they are just silly ... and you can see that they are hiding their real identity which is really strange
    By the way, you are right El Ahli 7adeed, bas insha'Allah El Zamalek 7aysaya7oh :-P

  3. :) don't be angry, that is how life goes :D

    you know, as much bad and nasty you go as much strong you look in the eyes of most people, many believe in the theory of distructing you by a sequence of insults that gets you out of your nerve and mood and start to behave in the wrong way

    just don't care,remove the comment as if it never happened :)


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