Sunday, December 25, 2005

The free woman does n't eat from her breast

This is an old arabic Provbe from the ancient times even before the Islam
It is the free woman doesn't eat from her breast
what does it mean ?
it means that the free lady doesn't earn earn her living or live from showing off her breast or her body
Where it came from ?
well its origin cam from the fact that only slave girls were used to show off their sexy bodies and stood semi-naked in the slave market
Why I am saying this ?
well I remember it when I read about Wafaa bin laden ,the Osama bin laden's niece ,who will appear in a sexy semi-naked photos for GQ Magazine for men in the next issue of January 2006 worldwide!!
Wafaa is half saudi, her mom is a swiss ,who suddenly knew she was married to a radical muslim from Saudia Arabia and she must escape with her daughters and keep attacking the Islam "well she knew one good damn thing that she was married to very rich guy ", I once saw her in Tv Show in TV 5 France while the problem of Veil was in its rage
Wafaa wants to be a singer and celeb ,she thinks that she is pretty and sexy while in reality if you look close to her ,you will find Bin Laden's trade mark of big mouth .
She hate her Saudi roots and doesn't speak arabic and surely she is not a muslim , despite the fact she won't get a penny from her dad's big fortune if she is not a muslim according to the Islamic inheritance laws in Saudia Arabia
She is the arabian version of Paris Hilton
You think Wafaa is a free woman !!
No She is a slave
a Slave of her desires to become a celeb and famous ,just like the other slaves of fame like Paris Hilton in the West World ,Haifa and Co in our beloved middle East
and last not least the pictures of Wafaa


  1. my dear wise friend unfortunately there are alot of crimes made by the name of freedom and freedom from them is innocent
    It is time when Slavery is thought to be freedom

  2. Zeinobia, you seam to be a wise Egyptian person.


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