Monday, December 26, 2005

The predictions of 2006

The predictions of 2006

Okay folks we are saying bye bye to 2005, one hell of a year on the international, national and even on my private levels. And as usual the astrologists around the world began to say their predictions and their presumed prophecies for the coming year 2006.
You know they see that they got the power whether they comminute with dead one, or the demons or the Jins or they just look to the water and read what is hidden in the future, oops I forgot their primary method the Crystal ball, I always wanted one when I was a little kid.
The usual general predictions that are every year are:
  1. Many Earthquakes and nature disasters will hit the earth "it is usual thing as it is result of pollution."

  2. a very important Arabic personality will die " another usual thing as most Arabic personalities and rulers are from the over the70s category, yet the lives are by the behind of God"

  3. A very important western personality will die." It is what we call a random probability where everyone got a chance.
Anyway yesterday I read the predictions of very famous astrologer from Tunisia, his fame that his predictions came to reality when Princess Diana was killed and the 9/11 occurred "already they say Nostordamos predicted 9/11".
He predicted the following:
  1. A very very very important Arabic personality will die; I will not say the name because it is dangerous to say it.

  2. Abd Aziz Botaflika will die " guys already the death of the Algerian president is something many people are predicting as he was hospitalized in France for a long period for some undeclared  reason , the only logic reason is that he is suffering from Cancer and he may be cured or may be not and they just sent back home to make the legacy ready for those who will come after him, so you don't need to be astrologer and see the future to have this thought!!"

  3. Cheney and Abu Mazan will die!! the death toll is getting bigger more and more

  4. Another Arabic regime will fall down; come on everyone knows that the Syrian Baath regimes with its brother in Iraq.
This Astrologer I am sorry is an excellent political analyst, what he is doing and saying is not an astrology more than it is a predictions based upon some political analysis

What is unique he didn't say his predictions for Tunisia other than it will be stronger and richer under the control of Ali Zien Al-abdeen!!

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  1. @Hani ,no this Arabic personality is not lebanese , he is ..... better not to say
    yet I agree with I feel that some vip figure in Lebanon would and this vip 's name is Gonbolat !!
    well downloading the file already , but I am amazed that Adal Emam is making fun of Lahoud ,as he is known in Egypt to be another speaker from the speakers of the regime ,I guess he wants to be in the news as his stardom is going down
    do you know that he once said that he was walking in the 60s at night and he found a car beside him ,guess who were in the Car ?
    Nasser and Abd El-Hakim Amar , when they saw him as he said ,they stopped the car to salute him !!!
    Huda Abd El-Nasser denied the incident
    I don't like him


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