Friday, December 30, 2005

What do you expect from the Egyptian anti-riots forces ? " about the refugees issue"

Okay the Sudanese refugees were transferred by force to some camp in Tora and 20 refugees were killed away from home by as result from the clashes between them and the Egyptian anti-riots forces
Many people are very angry and Kafya decided to hold a demonstration and the interior ministry is defending itself about the murder of those 20
First I believe that the government and before the society should have found a solution for this problem before it reached to that , it is from September
second to those who are amazed for the cruelty and brutally of Egyptian Anti-riots ,guys you seemed to have bad memory since when the Egyptian Anti-riots forces were nice ,kind and treat people right !?
for God Sake they already killed and injured thousands of Egyptians throughout out the years since they were established by the Nasseric orders in the second half of the 60s , they don't care for their follow Egyptians their brothers and sisters so you expect them to care for their African relatives !!??
don't be amazed , it is something expected .
anyway UNCR or what ever its name got a big part of responsibility too ,the 20 Sudanese's blood is in their throat along with the security forces


  1. Hopefully, 2006 will bring us all a more peaceful world. I continue to pray that every one of us will strive to do our best to make this world a better place for our children. Happy New Year to you and yours and may peace fill our lives.

  2. Thanks Tony
    Happy new year to you too:)

  3. Well well i guess thses sudanesse were invited to live in our country and served they just dont come out of hill and show no respect to our law and they almost colonized the square and its 1 of famous square in egypt for more than 3 months they were ignored by UN and role was in Egyptian govt. side. now i guess who wants to live here have to show respect wut if they were in USA ohhh i guess more than wut egyptian govt did was gonna be done by americans


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