Friday, December 30, 2005

No more refugees in Mustafa Mahmoud Square

I admit the scene was strange for me when the first time I saw them ,the Sudanese refugees .I live in near Mohendessin Area so I always go by this garden from time to time.
Strange it was , Very poor refugees live in a camp that they made by their own selves ,very primitive ,in the middle of small garden , in the square of Mustafa Mahmoud , where the Middle High class live
My family didn't like this scene , and got some Turkish roots "Great grandfather" that made some of my family members some how racists in the eyes of the others , they just didn't like the scene "The war is over in Sudan ,the North and South made a peace treaty so what go back home we got enough problem ,it is not healthy !!"
For me I had a mixed feelings
  1. They should go back home as it is the right place ,it is where they should be .
  2. But how come and there is war and ..There is Egyptian provbe "What makes eat the bitter food ?The more bitter one" sorry for wrong translation but this is what mind can reach ,I don't work in Anis Abid translation center.
  3. They lost hope and that's why the refugees feel far away from home and even I understand they don't want to stay in Egypt
  4. They think that the UN and the refugees committee and Angelina Jolie will come with Brad Bitt to save them but their hopes make them blind on how this cruel world works !!

It is frustrating thing to lose hope and home together ,but it is in the hands of the humans ,I don't how I can express it but I don't leave my home because of some war and seek refugee in another place and when the war is over I refuse to go back because then who will build my home again ?

in the end the Egyptian Security forces used its ol' methods ,no more civilized Mr.Security forces , By force they transferred the refugees to some where I guess in 6th October "it is too damn cold there" and 10 refugees were killed in the clashes ,I forgot to say several babies were born dead in the unofficial Mustafa Mahmoud refugee camp

Question : Where is Mr.Ambassdor Adel Emam for Refugees from all this agony ?


  1. step by step, we lose thing by another, we are descending to somewhere i can't know but i hate to know

    the year is leaving, hope is leaving with it to have a better year, things go from bad to worse that is my expectations for 2006 when i watch how 2005 went on

    no wonder nothing will change as long as many many egyptains knew what was going to happen today mornigng hours before it happens and none did anyting to help them!! shame on us, shame on us not as egyptians but as humans!!!!!

  2. I don't know if it is fear or hate or what
    But I know one damn thing those security forces are not humans at all and they lost their humanity from long time ago

  3. happy new year zeinobia. Although the previous one didn't end too well. Have you seen the "Cairo Today" program with Amro Adeeb regarding the refugees? I couldn't believe my ears especially when a young lady said "they don't look or smell very nice"??
    What happened to Egyptians? Where is the generosity and lending a helping hand to someone when they are down?

    These people have escaped unimaginable horrors in Darfur, where they are hunted down and killed (at best) like animals simply because they are black (even black Muslims) or Christian. The peace treaty isn't worth the paper it's written on and their government don't give a crap about them, in fact a spokesperson for the Sudanese government said "The Egyptian government has every right to do what they see fit to remove these people from the square"
    It was as if they are saying "oh look, we kill them, you kill them...same thing"

    Shame on humanity that pushed these people to where they are now...and that the world stands by watching.

  4. Bent elnil ,it is disgusting thing ,especailly when you don't hear on tv but live as I did
    I hear it from many members of the family who can't stand those black people !!not that only the hate and racism became a part of the Egyptian soceity , a christian and muslims friends got similar opinion just like this lady
    I guess this hate goes to the fact they are weaker than us !!


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