Monday, February 6, 2006

Egyptian Titanic

I can't stand it any more ,the stories of the survivors are breaking my heart ,at the sametime the awful truth about carelessness of the company "El-Salam" and its owner the member in the the Egyptian senates is making me so so angry
Did you see him talking on the phone on Daily "Bait Baitak" yesterday on the national TV channel 2 , The man is so rude that he hanged up in the face of Hala Sehran "I wonder why she wants to bury herself in entertainment ,this woman is born to make political and social reports" and then he called again
The man ironically accused Tamer Amin the other presenter in the daily show to forgo his signature !! "Poor Tamer already Hend El-Henaway is going to sue him for insulting her and her baby in front of millions !!"
I admire the bravery of the MP Mohammed Anwar El-Sadaat Jr "the nephew of president Sadaat" and Last night he gave alot of evidences that can send Mamdouh Ismail "The owner of the death ferry to Jail " but of course he needs the order of D.A to arrest him as the later got the bloody amunity of a senate !!
What makes me more angrier and more scared about the Famous Egyptian Ethic of helping each other in the hard times is the capitan of Saint Kathrine ferry ,this bastard "he deserved to be called worst by that "with a dead heart received the S.O.S of El-Sallam ,did n't stop or even send from his ship to inform the harbor ,what is worst that this man with out having no regert found the survivors in the sea in his way and he didn't save them !! left them in the cold sea !!
I wonder how this man can sleep or even close his eyes without remembering the voices screaming for help !! He needs to be sued for help in murdering on intention , the decision of the harbors of Red Sea to prohibit him from working in the sea again is not enough !!
It is an Egyptian Tragedy ,I can't stop my tears from going down when I hear the survivors stories about a father holding his kids trapped in the fire ,about Mother "whom I guess my friend knows her " died while they were rescuing her ,already this lady saw both her own children drowning day by day
More from these stories makes from El-Sallam 98 an Egyptian Titanic !!
Guys I guess the biggest insult to the Trustful Honest prophet Mohammed "PBUH" is that his own people become like this ,from greedy and unhelpful ,from cruel to unhuman ..
May Allah avenge from all those who killed the innocent souls ,especailly from Mamdouh Ismail and the Saint Katherine Capitan
By the way it seems that Mr.Mamdouh Ismail is A NDP Member ,I wonder what is opinion of the head of NDP about him now??


  1. Hey Zenobia. how is everything there. I just wanted to comment on this post as there is a story I wanted to tell you so that you can see who things can get worse and worse as long as corruption is there eating US up.

    In El Beit Beitak yesterday they brought this Mamdouh Seliman and his son and Tamer Basyounni literally squeezed the heck out of them. Mamdouh Seliman denied every everything. Tamer showed him a video of one of the survivors and the survivor said that the tickets of the ship has an item saying that the company, its distributors and even the ferry are not responsible for any harm caused to any passanger on the ship whatever the reasons or the circumistances.

    Here is the big bang, one of my acquaintance travelled on El Salam '94 last year, I ran to him to see if he still got the ticket and we found it. Item no.2 on the second last page of the ticket says: "Attention to all passengers, the company, its sponsers and the ferry are not responsible for any harm caused to anyone during the voyage for any reasons or any circumistances".

    Mamdouh Seliman said that was a lie.. may be the ticket that is just on my desk now is a lie too.

    I think if he appears on TV that way and speaks soooo calmly about everything and denies everything, he should have someone behind his back.

    As long as corruption is there, our lives will be cheaper than the dust they tread on.
    Great post!

  2. Well Solimman denies as he wants after all he is a NDP member !!


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