Monday, February 6, 2006

Jyllands-Posten apologized

I found it in their website just few seconds
An open letter to the Muslim people in the world , With English and Arabic version "arabic version as PDF !!"
I read both version ,the Arabic of course contains lots of sorrow statement ,while the English version the word apologize was mentioned only once
I guess the chief in editor didn't expect it will be like this from boycotting and setting fires in the embassies and commisions
I will see what will happen in the morning

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  1. Salam Zeinobia - This apology had been placed over the magazine's website on January 31st 2006. It's a very weak apology, and did not contain any apology for presenting such cartoons.

    Anyway, I'd posted the last 3 posts in my blog about this act, and even if I don't support violence at all – as it's not from Islamic Teaching, I'm supporting the boycotting until real acts takes place. You are welcomed to visit mine anytime.

    Just in case you want to comment their, kindly read the last 3 posts before commenting because they are all related, and comments are welcomed in the last post titled "of torching the Embassies".


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