Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bravo french students,

From Internation Heraled Tribune

J'adore what the french students are doing now in France , Bravo and well done ,I wish the lesson to be taught and some one would care for their future in Egypt

The first year law is something stupid and dump , I am not an inside analyst for french affairs but the french Government and Charic this year were not as good as the previous years , in fact I doubt if Crazy racist Sarkosuzzy will win the next presidentail elections .

Now the students and unions are against them and the french government is refusing to listen to their demands calling for cancelling the first year in Job law before that it was the angry new third generations of imigrants who don't have jobs !!I believe the next the elections in France the Left wing will win again "take my word as a prediction"

I just wish that our studens were like the french

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  1. I'm sorry but what are ya cheering them for exactly ?!
    The french are lazy bastards who just refuse to get up their butts and get any work done ! ... and this is basically why they're riotting .. well that and the fact that they have nothing better to do being unemployed and all !
    The current employement laws here makes it virtually impossible to fire an uncompetent employee once u're binded with a contract with him .. which make entreprises reluctant towards hiring new ppl who might turn out to be up for no good and just in consequence finding themselves stuck with those bad seeds .
    The CPE law simply allow entreprises to hire young ppl under 26 with the freedom of firing them withtin a two years trial period without being obliged to provide any explanations as for the reasons of their dissmissal .
    Naturally , if a new recruit showed good potentiel , why would they fire him ?!
    Therefore , the only reason those students are disputing this law is that it simply means that they gonna have to stop feeling safe to the fact that they just a have a job and start getting some actual work done !!!
    Unemployement rates are at an all time high here .. economy is on a slope and external debt is a drag .
    This is their only exit out of this mess !
    if i were you i wouldn't cheer them .. rather boo them !
    sa3eeda !

  2. "like the US, where you can hire a man, and if he doesn't prove himself, you fire him, just like that. Thats the best system because it forces you to do your best, otherwise you'll be begging in the street."

    dude u dun even understand the law !!!
    thats EXACTLY what it's stating .. not the opposite !
    and it's De Villepin law .. not Sarkozy's
    Sarco is only the interior minister !

  3. It is worth mentioning that in Islam there is nothing that forces the owner of a company to keep a worker despite the owner's will.

    So the American "fire and hire" policy is not contracting Islam.

    However the bad side of this "fire and hire" system namely the thinning of social safety network is fixed in Isalm by the national treasury which is funded by forcing 2.5% taxes on annual savings (not just annual income) on all individual

  4. okay gus it is turn now
    @maxxed out ,who told you that the french are lazy bastards who refuse to get up their butts and get any work done
    no one like to be unemployed and this law is a Hire and Fire thing "people I studied Business Adminstration" and I guess that this Law open a new door of hell , I am sorry but if I were black and I work hard yet my employer hates me for my color and so according to this law he can fire me ,now it is not about efficieny of the new employees it is other thing ,Cheating in the reports of my efficiey is easy ,yes HR appointed me but my senior is racist
    did you know why they don't want this law ??
    @elmohandes, believe me if the majority of our students were like the french ,we would n't be like this :(


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