Tuesday, March 28, 2006

When GM spoke in TV

Yesterday for the first time in the long Egyptian History since the great Pharaohs who built the grand pyramids to the modern pharaohs who won the African Nations Cup Mr.Gamal Mohammed Hosni Mubarak made a television Interview live on the first channel in the Egyptian National Television!! Very long interview with Lamis El-Hadidi ,an economic journalist who turned in to TV presenter as a reward for her great contributions in the last presidential campagin {by the way she is the wife of Amr Adeeb, the former jounralist and current TV presenter for Orbit's Hit Talkshow Cairo Today}.

To say the truth nothing but the truth and God may help me, I didn't watch it but I watch some parts and the all the some parts I watched made me conclude important fact that GM has this aggressive nervous personality , really I don't know if he was acting , because already everyone knows damn sure that this live program with its live calls and questions were all pre-made !!

Another thing I am now scared more than anytime from a prediction Mr.Hassiein Haikal made last week and made all the the speakers of the government attack the old man until now

It will happen this year the transfer of rule from the Mubarak the father to Mubarak the son

oh boy It looks like the OMEN's prophecy to me

Look to all the PR activities for GM in those few weeks and you know what I am talking about

P.S: is there something wrong with GM 's eyes?

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  1. yack.. this means i will have to sware loyalty to him!!!

    I sware i won't :)

    he will take control, this is a fact we have to work on from now, we need to arrange things, the organizations like kifaya need to arrange from now that the next president is GM no matter what they do :(

  2. Me too I won't swear loyalty for him

  3. LOL...we haven't sworn loyalty to his father and consequently we won't to him either!


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