Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Scared little Princess

This is the picture of scared little princess Iko of Japan , who could be the next Empress if her uncle didn't have a boy , despite the fact her mother ,the depressed princess {japenese hard name} wishes so ,so her daughter will be freed from the heaver Japenese Imprial duties and restructions and live like any other child


This was her second visit to the outside world after staying in Palace since birth , the first visit was on Friday to the Zoo but it didn't have attention like this one ,as the Zoo was closed

Iko was scared from the huge number of people she saw in Disney Land Japan and she even got scared and was going to Cry whe Mickey Mouse came and welcomed her {I got similar memory like her but I don't like to remember it now }

Iko got a problem now she is not used to see many people outside the palace or even like in TV and that why she is scared

I don't know but I don't like for her to be the Empress of Japan , she need to live her life free and happy just like anyother child ,may be those who live in palaces and got served day and night are not happy as people who can barely find their living everyday

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  1. well in Japan it is honorary role since ww2 but don't forget the emperor there still got this religious position and responsibilities
    the customs and the traditoins are very hard there ,already Iko's mother had a nervous break because of the royal restrictions ,it is not Europe


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