Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Multinational Peace Forces in Sinai "Facts and History"

"This post was edited again due to many mistakes i found thanks to the dear visitor "Amr" , already i took my information from Filbalad ,i guess now they have to correct their information "

Believe it or not some Egyptians I know today didn't know before that there are UN Multinational forces and observers in Egypt , in fact I believe the majority of the Egyptian People ignore this bitter fact or in other better description ,they forgot it because of the on-going propaganda

Yes We have UN Multinational Observers and Forces to the borders between Egypt and Israel Peaceful , in other serious words they are supervising the security articles of Camp David "1979" between Egypt and Israel

And guess what they are not supervised by the UN but the U.S !!

The headquarter of these forces is in Rome,Italy

It is made up from troops from 11 countries and they are : Australia,Canada, France,Columbia,Italy ,New Zealand,Norway ,United States ,Fiji Islands Uruguay and Hungary

I Know some of you will be surprised from the existence of some countries like Fiji supervising our security measure on the Eastern borders

They are military , Naval and Air Forces

Their biggest camps or base "if it is the right word " is El-Gora that is 35 KM away from El-Arisih and this is the north base , in August 2005 a blast happened and two Canadian officers were injured yet it was classified as another X-file

the Smallest camp or base is in the South near Sharm El-Shekih

They also got several camps in the rural areas of Sinai

Now as most of you know , the Egyptian Army according to Camp David can't enter Sinai to protect it as it should after a specific KM ,we presume that the Israelis are doing the same thing but I highly doubt it

Until now the ones who guard our borders are polices forces not Army Forces and that what Egypt is trying to fix nowadays but in vain to make the Army guard the borders , of course Israel refuses

Another interesting fact is that the International forces period in Egypt and Israel is over yet it is extended by the request of who ? Egypt , yes Egypt

why ?

OK here is a history fact

Since 1956 there is an international force appointed by the UN to protect the Egyptian Borders with Israel , and this force ended its work on May or even June 1967 "interesting date " as soon as they went home , the Israelis made their "Turkey Operation" successfully and we faced the most humiliated defeat until now we are paying its debts

So as we learn from our mistakes and learn from our history I would say that if those Peace Troops went away , I don't have a doubt that we won't have Peace and we will have war

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  1. you missed Hungary as it's also an MFO country

  2. The Peace Keeping Forces in Sinai is called: The Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) which is an international peacekeeping force that is commanded by USA and has no realtion to the UN at all.

    You can find more information here

  3. thanks Fubar and Amr for correction
    i will correct my post


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