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The Judges Massacre Egypt 1968 "Lesson to be learned "

IToday I will speak about important Egyptian term that you may have heard or read it while reading the modern Egyptian political history or even while following the news of the clash between the Judges and the regime nowadays.
The term is "The Judges Massacre"
So what is about it?
In 1960s as you all know Egypt was under Gamal Abd Nasser's dictatorship rule after many years of Democracy and freedom under the monarchy rule . In this bloody period Nasser made one party that represented all the Nation that is the Socialist Union "exactly like the communist party in former U.S.S.R" and this was in the year 1962 , in the year 1963 the membership was available for citizens of the United Arab Republic and at that time they announced that 5 million citizens applied for the membership in the first 3 weeks "impressive ".

This party as its original in Moscow was based upon security reports , everyone is spying on everyone , everyone is writing a security secret report about what other's were saying and doing and so the Nasser 's legendary secret service knew if anyone was not only conspiring against Nasser but was just complaining and that was enough to send him beyond the Sun "that is to have unknown destiny !!

Nasser was an intelligent dictator, very intelligent already we are suffering from his legacy till now, in his quest to kill freedom and democracy in Egypt he knew that some authorities he could n't penetrate easily, that is the Jurisdiction Authority , already all the other authorities in Egypt were under his control : The Army "I want to talk about it but not now", The Police " V for vendetta Police " and of course the Parliament " if that council was considered one" not to mention the Universities and all other important public establishments that can influence the society by a way or another. 

Now to penetrate all these establishments , his secret service made some kind of organisation that better known in our Egyptian modern history as The VANGUARD ORGANISATION , this secret organisation contained important names in the Society like the Interior Minister at that time "Sharawy Gomaa" who headed it and other names in every field in Egypt from journalists to actors to workers to ...etc This Vanguard Organisation was known to be a communist .
It is real purpose was t collect information and plant a spy for the regime in every place in the nation to ensure its loyalty to Nasser !!

The story goes like this, Nasser saw it was a necessary to include the Judges to the Socialist Union, they should join it.

In My Opinion The judges should join in the national Work as I don't consider the Socialist Union is a party as it doesn't represent a social class or a group or an establishment , in it is in fact the coalition of all the different forces of the people and so they "the judges" must join it
Yet he failed to make them join it ,but he succeeded with some judges those who were ready to sell their souls to the devil to get the fortune and authority and they joined the organisation, in 1971 when the Vanguard members were arrested in the famous so-called The Correction Revolution, they found hundreds of security reports written by those bad judges against their colleagues in exactly 8 big folders !!
The regime wanted to do the following in the 1960s "read Carefully "
  1. The Separation of from the Jurisdiction Authority and associate it with the presidency.
  2. Make the judges enter the Socialist Union obligatory if they want their position , and as long as they were members , their state would be safe , yet a judge was fired from the union or he wanted to leave , he will to have to say Good bye to the courts
  3. The Courts would be made of the following : One Judge, two individuals from the Egyptian people who were also members in the Socialist Union
I just want to know who thought of those brilliant ideas !? what did he smoke !?

To make the public ready to accept another loss of another constitutional right that is having independent judging system from the regime ,the regime's followers and spies in the public Newspapers began a campaign of articles attacking the judiciary independence , trying to convince the people that the Judging system should be under the public control " Nasser 's Control as a matter of fact".

The most famous of these articles was published in El-Gomhuria Newspaper by in year 1967 exactly in March when Ali Sabri "the Secretary of Socialist Union at that time", in this article he criticised the principle of the separation of the Authorities and how the Judges were isolated from the rest of the classes, the hard working class, they "the judges were living in another world , depending on obsolete way of thinking, they were the remaining of the decayed monarchy bourgeois class.

in other words, he was saying the following
"Fire him , he is rich ,he is from a famous family , he is a bourgeois that lives in Ivory tower, his father is a PASHA,his mother is a HANAM, his PHD is from France !!" and that why he was isolated from the people ,the majority of hard working poor class of the farmers and factories workers !! and as a public loving regime Nasser decided to fire all those bourgeoisies in the judges"
All this didn't give the upper hand to Nasser, still the Judges are independent yet searching in the magician box could be beneficial for him.

Until the elections of the Judge's club came in the year 1968, Nasser and Co. thought it would be perfect opportunity to get rid of their opponent and control the judging System in Egypt.

Now since its opening in 1938 the head of the Judge's Club must be independent, he must represent any political party as he is representing the Independence of the Judges .

In 1968 two opponents stood Nasser 's group "The Vanguard and the Socialist Union" Members, and a great man called Judge Mohamed Abu Nossair "the head of the club then"just like Judge Zakirah Abd El-Aziz nowadays he didn't scare and stood against the tyranny and his supporters.

Now despite Nasser and the minister of Justice at that time to the Socialist Union guys yet they failed ,and Abu Nossair won and I remember that he said a great powerful speech defying Nasser, calling for a stand to correct all the mistakes that led to the defeat of the six days wars, on the head of these mistakes the dictatorship
The speech was powerful, I will translate it to English inshallah.

Already all the above information was taken from Judge Mohammed Makowi's article about the Massacre from The Masry El-Youm newspaper.
In 1969 the opportunity came to him, using a stupid plea to announce the Judges Massacre in Egypt which was "He is rich, fire him "
Many Judges were fired , those who were against Nasser and those who weren't against only because they were rich,  got a late relative, a judge who became a victim of this unjust law only because he was rich from very rich family in Upper Egypt and Married to another from very rich family from there too !!

And thus the Massacre of Judges occurred, there are untold parts of the stories of the Judges being visited by the famous "Dune Visitors " taken to the Unknown
yet The only obstacle in Nasser's ultimate dream was the Judges and the Jurisdiction as they stood in his way.

The independence of the Jurisdiction is an essential thing in any civilised Democratic nation , I guess this goes to two facts that judges depend upon Laws and their own conscious "the later is much important as The judge can ignore the law yet he can't ignore a fair conscious " and thank God that in this country the conscious of judge is pure and honourable, a conscious that makes him ready to stand against the worst unjust regimes , and so despite all the attempts to kill the blind justice in Egypt, it is still alive

Ironically Dr. Huda Abd El-Nasser defends her daddy decision as any good girl would do, in Tarek Habib's documentary show "The Secret Documents of the Egyptian Revolution" She corrected Mr. Habib when he said The term "Massacre of Judges " ,She corrected the word saying "Sir you mean the Sterilisation of the Judges !!" Sterilisation as they were infected by germs or something !!

Now believe or not, this, in my opinion, wasn't the first attempt to kill the Independence of the Judging system in Egypt.

Two attempts were made before, the first one is presented by the stupid play better known as "The Revolution Courts".

The second one which many doesn't know about it, it is an incident, My late granddad as a journalist from the generation who accompanied the revolution knew about it.
Mohamed Naguib ad Sanhouri Pasha
Egypt's late President Mohamed Naguib with 
El-Sanhuri Pasha 

That incident happened when Salah Salem, the infamous Member of the free officers and the revolution council attacked El -Sanhuri Pasha, the dean of the Law Faculty and Law cleric who was called the Father of the Law in Egypt, also the father of the Arabic Constitutions.

Strangely Mr.Sanhuri was one of the early people to support the Revolution. Mr.S. Salem attacked the Pasha with ashtray over his head !! Salem wasn't punished if he wasn't rewarded for this !!
This incident showed the real intention of the Army Officers and their view to the People of Law from an early time , in fact it was a warning !!

Now President Mubarak Seems to me want to repeat the history, But Egypt 2006 is so different from Egypt 1968, Already some judges believe that there are still some remaining of the Spies among them "History Repeating"

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