Monday, May 1, 2006

See you after 2 years

OK the regime succeeded in making the freedom of Egypt paralysed for another two years or at least that what they think , today Egyptian prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazeef stood in front the Representatives of the Egyptian people in the Parliament and asked for their approval on extending the duration of this decayed Police law and of course the majority of Parliament from the NDP said yes and the rest of the members from the MB and the opposition said nothing except "Hasbon Allah wa Naam El-Wakeel" "God is our defender"

Long speech said it the tall PM said it today on the podium explaining the importance and necessity of this law to Egypt ,helping her in the long battle against terrorism , terrorism this ugly phantom of the time is back again and Egypt won't fight except it with this great law !!

This is what I expected and other wise people in the valley of the Nile from the Egyptian Regime to act according to the latest series of unfortunate events that happened lately from

  1. The Crazy attacks on Christian Church in Alexandria "X-file: NO.1 , Suspected NO.1 : The Egyptian Government"
  2. The Judges stand and protest "The reason why the regime should use the bloody law"
  3. The Terrorist Attacks of Dahab "X-file:No.2 , Suspected No.1 : remains unknown , beneficial No.1: The Egyptian Government "

Since the Attacks of the So-called Crazy Nutts on the Churches I suspected that the Government is one behind it , in order to re-new the decayed Emergence law and for now is the perfect time , they need it to stop any attempt of the civilian organisation and the judges for the Quest of a real democratic life , they need it to shut up any newspaper that exposes any corruption in the country , they need it to prison anyone they want in anytime they want for any charge they want and definitely they need it more than anything to pave the way for the Republic Monarchy where GM takes the republic crown for his old dad just like in our twin Sister Syria

I know some one can think that I am a conspiracy theory supporter "yes I am , I guess I said this over thousand time in this blog " for saying that the government could be behind the Sinai, I am sorry but the timing and the sequence of the events make me think so , you see the regime that imprison and torture its own people , refuses to listen to their complains, its men steal the fortunes of the nation is a dictator regime whose only motto in this world is "The need Excuses the Mean" in order to sustain in its control on the people before the country is a regime that can sell its soul to the devil , sell the country to the devil in better words ,it can do anything , already the regime sold itself to the Grand Satan just like our follow Iranis in East call the U.S , the comprises game between Mubarak and Bush , already the American Administration is ready for now to deal with Mubarak to get its own plans for the East .

Lets see the fact , The United States use the democracy card with other cards like the American Aid and the minority to push whenever it wants , but on the same time it knows that Mubarak regime after 25 years is not like other regimes, as also Mubarak holds in his hands his own wining cards he can whenever he wants , now the U.S needs Mubarak and other dictators like Ali Zen El-Abdeen in Tunisia ..etc , the concept of democracy in the United States foreign affair dictionary is elastic according the time . The U.S now is stuck in Iraq ,at the same time foolishly it wants to open another front to its great enemy now Iran , at the same time it doesn't like Syria on the same level it doesn't like Hamas elected government in Palestine , People if you are waiting to the American Miracle to come from the White House Heaven to Save Egypt , Wake up from your Day Dreams , this won't happen and it does it will be the Iraq of the Nile Valley

Another comic facts about the Emergency Law

  1. Egypt only lived few golden great years without , it sums up as far as my historical political data goes to 10 years the last century "100 years".
  2. The British Started the game to kill the promising liberal life in Egypt.
  3. The Nasser used it and the wars with Israel gave him the unneeded excuse.
  4. The Emergency law is needed to fight drugs and terrorism.
  5. After 25 years of Emergency laws drugs are still killing hundreds if not thousands of Egyptian youth annually !!
  6. Terrorism phantom , i call it phantom because historically it was made by the government orders and can disappear also by Government orders when Egypt becomes a democratic country.

What we should do now ?

well I don't know before I start writing this post I was afraid , after all there are dozen of detainees "Two bloggers among them , they were arrested in the Judges' protest on Thursday now and there will be more with the detention chapter in the Emergency Law ", Yet I got faith as every night got an end , and as a Muslim I believe that there is always better times that come after hard times in what we call Relief , already we won't suffer more than Egyptians suffered Under Nasser or in Muslim perspective we won't suffer more than what Jews suffered under the rule of Pharaoh of Moses . Mubarak can be a pharaoh like the ones who came before him but every Pharaoh must meet with a rival a Moses with Magical Divine Stick , Every Pharaoh must have an End , in our Pharaoh tale these days i don't know who will be Moses ? Do we really need a Moses ?

Yes we do , we just like the Jews of the Exodus yet we don't have any other promised land to go to other than Egypt , we are scared , i am scared but i got faith , sometimes it can be weak and sometimes it can be strong

I believe we must regain our faith in ourselves , in our country and in our God what ever our religions are Islam,Christianity,Judaism , this is the first step , we got many weakness points in ourselves like modern Egyptian , we claim to love our Country while it is just a talk , we claim to love God and to be religious while we take the religion as a symbol People God doesn't change the people unless they begin the change by themselves

Second step United we stand "I really love this slogan" already we did it forever 80 years until the Mubarak rule started and the division began to spread , hate and corruption

Third step forget about Western aid to save the valley of the Nile , Uncle Sam never helped, and will not help us

a History lesson in 1919 The Paris Conference after WWI when the American President "whom I don't recall his name now" declared the Right to Decide the destiny for the Ex-Ottoman Empire States in the East , Saad Basha and his great colleagues went to Paris they found out it was nonsense , Western Political Propaganda used to make the Arab Islamic States rebel against the Turkish rule , Egypt didn't take its independence from Paris Conference but took in 1921 when All colours of the great Egyptian people made this volcano that is called the Revolution in 1919 where the Muslim Shekihs preached in Churches and Christan Rectors preached in Mosques , this was what brought to us the Independence , even if it was partial , but come we took it before India ,before Iraq , we took because we were real in love with this brunette country

As you see from the three steps i mention they all are circulating about one thing , we and Egypt , Sorry guys we deserve the Emergency law as we don't appreciate this country as it should

El-Emam Shafi

" We blame the time and the blame should be on us "

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