Friday, May 19, 2006

Judges updates "All rise"

For those who don't know here is a summary for what had happened in the most important trial in the last 5 years , the trial of judges El-Bastowsy and Makkay

Already on Wednesday judge Makkay entered Cleopatra hospital in Miser El-gadida area to the incentive care after having a sudden heart attack , the thing that made many predict that the trial or as the Justice ministry called it "The Discipline council" would be postponed

Yet the surprise came to the nation yesterday when this illegal discipline council continued under the protection of thousands of police forces and anti-riots forces which is known in Egypt as "The forces of central security " {Big name, is n't it !?}, Already security forces in the last couple of days arrested a huge number of people , the number according to the official statement is 200 while to the MB and Kafya 's statement is 400 !! The double , anyway as experience taught us in the Vally of the Nile , I will believe the the later number.

Down town in Cairo was turned to a closed area , you know like the one in V for Vendetta movie when V threatened the regime to the bomb the Parliament , yet the high security measures were taken not because a terrorist threat made by a mad man for vendetta in the mask but for to stop any possible gathering from the public "opposition" to support the judges , same thing happened in Cairo University , already the interior ministry made announcement that it won't allow any demonstration on Wednesday or Thursday except after taking a permission , already everyone knows from kids to elderly that they won't give the permission except to the cheer teams of NDP and regimes and that why Kafya and MB decided to break the law and go to the streets , ironically the interior ministry showed some flayer made by the MB in the Al-Ahram daily newspaper today as evidence in their attempts to stir the national stability "Not to be shaken or Stirred"

Not that only in the high supreme court where the trial was held the security forces entered inside the court with their armies yet Judge Zackariah Abd El-Aziz reminded them that the police forces are prohibited to stay in court and thus they had to withdraw from the battle "Power VS Justice"

Abd El-Aziz , is the head of the Judges' club who became in my eyes one of Egypt's best personalities of the year 2006 in his astonishing brave position from the regime , the honourable judge was very angry and nervous this day , already all the honourable people whether people or judges should be so , because of the verdict the court reached to

In brief words

The Discipline council decided that to blame Judge Bastawsy and to clear Judge Makkay from any charges !!

The judges must be very very angry from this stupid rule

First of all it is illegal one , as the court didn't hear any defence at all , so how come they reach to this verdict !? on what basis? the basis of the rule is justice and justice means to hear from all source !!???

and that 's why the honourable judges refused to accept the verdict.Already the judges' club threatened and I guess the Mansoura branch of the club did it already , that is to cancel the membership of the judges participating this discipline council in the club ,along with the minister of Justice and the Attorney General .

Strange thing from my point of view both judges did the same thing , both complained in public about the cheating that happened in the last Parliament elections

Anyway back to counsellor Hisham Bastawsy , the vice president of Court Causation who is hospital now , already I believe the man had too much pressure this year that his body could n't bare it anymore and thus he collapsed with a heart attack , a part of my mind tells me that some may pushed over him the night before the trial until the heart of the man could not take it anymore "Harak Dam in English means burning the blood , it is expression we use in Egypt to describe the state the person reaches from deep erupted anger that makes the blood boils in veins and bumps in your head !!"

Sometimes I feel that Bastawsy knew about the verdict , already the verdict of Blame means that he won't be promoted to be the president of Causation !!!!

anyway just few minutes I knew from the INTERNET that Bastawsy soon will leave the IC thank God and that he will continue to fight to the innocence he deserves

Judge You don't need an innocence from this court and that , as already Egypt knows that you are innocent from cheating and deception

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  1. Hello,

    This is really good. It summarise many points. Keep up the good work.

    By the way, Thanks for adding my blog to your links. I hope you link to the List itself because sooner or later it won't be in front.

    PS: Do you really mean the last five years?


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