Thursday, May 18, 2006

Five years for Ayman Nour , one year for Tamer Hosni "ah Ya Balad"

Today the Reversal court in Egypt refused the invective Ayman Nour had presented against the verdict of his imprisonment for 5 years for forgery !! Click here"Arabic"
It is expected , very expected , it is punishment to all those who dared and stood against Mubarak in the last presidential election in 2005 , Nour was a tough competitor and annoying one too
I am not going to speak again that this is an attempt to clear the Egyptian political street from any opposition against the regime of Mubarak and son.
But I am going to speak about this unjust rule from another angle
You see on the bloody Thursday last week beside to the weekly trial of the great two Judges of Egypt , there was another trial which unfortunately took most of the public and media attention that is the trial of pop singer Tamer Hosni Check here ---------> Tamer Hosni ,Haytham Shakr and Sheeren Wagdy
And unfortunately it took the attention of the most important element of the society ,the youth and teenagers , the future generations of Egypt
Already as conspiracy theory supporter I know immediately that this was a game from the regime to make the people look in another direction other than the one they should look in to.
Tamer , the pop idol did something much more terrible than Ayman Nour , he is being accused in forging official documents to escape from the mandatory military service of young men in Egypt , also to have a false university Certificate from the Mansoura University , the first crime goes to the military court while the other one is a civilian felony
He is now in the prison for the first one which is escaping the army along with co-singer Haythem Shaker ,and already this punk turned to some kind a holy saint in the eyes of the many "I will speak about this later "
anyway last Thursday thousand of Tamer's fans made a demonstration outside the court where it was his trial ,and this is just example of the many ridiculous acts they did and they cheered and became so happy as if Egypt won the world cup when the verdict of the civilian court was announced.
Tamer Hosni is charged with forgery and thus the verdict will be one year imprisonment without implementation !!
One year only , already we got a lawyer relative who told us that the minimum punishment for forgery in Prison is three years and the maximum is 5 years
So Hosni the punk took only 1 year less than the minimum punishment while Nour ,the ex-presidential candidate took the maximum punishment !! Ah ya balad !!!!!

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