Thursday, May 18, 2006

The vision of NDP became international folks!!

Do you remember the flash news I mentioned yesterday

about GM secret visit to Washington D.C this Friday , the little dirty secret that was exposed by the Spokesperson of the White House !! and some says that the Al-Jazeera reporter there discovered the visit surprisingly

Check this provoking title in Al-Ahram Daily today on the front page Click here

Already this visit was intended to be secret ,yet the American administration didn't keep it as GM and Co. thought , may be because these reasons

  1. They are not used to lie on their people so much like our regime , yes they lie but in important matters and this visit is not so significant to the regular American citizen .
  2. They want to prove their people and the Congress that they stand against the shameful dictatorial acts of the regime against the opposition
  3. They want the Egyptian People to hate him more and more , already the Americans in the White house don't like to put their bids on a losing horse , that's what they had learnt from the Iran lesson in a very hard way

More about the Visit in English from Egyptians with out borders Click here

And more about it in Arabic also from the same site Click here and there "in the last essay they are asking the same question I asked yesterday !?"

Ironically the official Egyptian sources didn't say anything about the secret visit until the Americans exposed the secret after four days of the visit and the strange thing that in the news bar on the Channel 1 in the National Television that "The Head of the Policies Committee went to the U.S " without mentioning his name , of course I am fool as all Egyptians know who is he

another strange thing that the news of the trip was mentioned in Al-ahram first page yet nothing was there in Al-Akhbar daily "may be they didn't have the orders yet to publish the news"

Of course they didn't reveal the real reason of the sudden visit , but they gave it a comedy touch in the Egyptian official statements:

Gamal Mubarak went to the U.S to explain the Vision of the NDP about the important internal and external affairs to the American administration

What vision ?? this is very big words third world people like me don't understand?

since when the NDP got a vision !! and since the national parties officials travel to other countries to explain the visions of their domestic parties !! what is the role of Embassies then !? does Richard Downey stay in Egypt only to go to our folk celebrations of saints and shekihs? "I am referring to his travel to Tanta to watch the folk festival of the El-Sid El-Badowy , Madad ya Sidy El -Badowy , I am calling for the help of this famous Islamic saint to save us !!

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