Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Farouk Goudah , when the poet becomes sad

From two days on Dream TV 2, I saw Farouk Goudah's interview with Magdy Mahanah , and it was one of the best interview I have watched till now on any Arabic Tv

Goudah ,if you don't know him , is a writer and Poet , worked in Journalism for over 40 years, and is considered now as one of most important Arab Poets nowadays

As a poet ,well I am more used to the Syrian School of Poetry in the Classical Arabic poetry , names like Nazar Kabani and Mohamed El-Magout are my favourite,yet that doesn't mean he isn't as great as those guys ,in fact I feel that his poetry is so sweet and shy , the shyness of Egyptians about love , the thing I didn't read for him as I read to the names above, yet I am going to read for him more ,as his last poem was so great

Yes the last cursed one that he wrote last year and made the Investigations of National Security in questioned him exactly for 5 hours , after the end of the enquiry he had a heart attack and sent to the Dar El-Fouad hospital for treatment !!

You see Goudah in his column in Al-Ahram daily spoke about the crisis of the Judges and their problem and then ended with very strong political poem that made authorities mad I don't know why as if the Egyptians were like the Syrians love the classical poetry !! in Sh Allah I will post it here with the translation

Already I guess the reason I didn't read for him much is that I considered him as governmental writer working in Al-Ahram but it turned out I was wrong , already I was so naive not every writer or journalist working in a governmental Newspaper would be a government and regime supporter , already my grand dad worked over 40 years in Akhbar El-youm yet many considered him as non government supporter

anyway back to Goudah who after his crisis and crash with the security began to be open about his political opinions concerning the president, the economy , the international affair not to mention the social status of the Egyptian , in other brief words, the man after being humiliated publicly decided to spell it all , he has nothing to lose , and that's what I felt that he is speaking like this because he has nothing to lose again after his dignity , you see poets are very sensitive ,especially this one , already if you compared El-Magout or Kabani with him , you would find that the two Syrians poets were war criminals compared to him

He said too much and I will try to summarised as much as I can , already every point or topic he opened needs couple of posts !!

  1. The president Mubarak , what he said about the president is considered the most realistic thing about the man , of course he didn't call him as a dictator or blamed him for what is going on chaos in every aspect in Egypt, yet he blamed the entourage surrounding him "I agree with him and I will talk about this point in a separate post in sh Allah ".
  2. Gamal Mubarak , Already the majority of people don't like and suspect his intention to be the next president , yet he and his father are denning this , so why he insists on participating in the Egyptian political life !? Already everyone knows the answer except may be GM himself
  3. The Unemployment growing percentage and the promises of the elections
  4. The privatisation , the Banks crisis and the judges crisis
  5. The parties
  6. The interior Ministry and its rule , I felt that Goudah was making fun of it when he said that there is too much pressure on it !!

It was one hour interview yet it was so loaded as you see

The sad thing that I knew from the interview that Goudah decided to stop writing poetry after his crisis , he was so sad , and he won't write again until things in Egypt get better !! already he stopped writing poetry after 1967 and returned back after 1973 , it is so sad , very sad that he lost his ability to write poetry as now more than anytime people need to hear and read his protesting words , Kabani reached the top of the Arabic Poetry with his protesting poem "Memories on the Draft of the Defeat "in 1967 , but may be as I said above Goudah is too sensitive

I would like to see something , it is a message that he won't receive but I remember these versus from Salah Jahin Quadra-poems :

Oh Nightingale singing is not going to kill you

But Not singing is going to kill you

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