Thursday, May 25, 2006

Law and order : The Historical verdict of Hend El-Henawy

It came unexpectedly , at least for me and those who forgot the whole issue and concentrated on the main issues in Egypt like the democracy,Judges,freedom of expression and the terrible economic conditions

Yesterday the Court made a historical verdict in the El-Hennawy and El-Fashawy case concerning the lineage of Baby Lina and the so-called marriage between stylist Hend El-Henawy and actor Ahmed El-Fashawy

after one year and 8 months , Lina became Lina Ahmed Fl-Fashawy

I remember that I wrote about them from few months check it here , when the court at first ruled that little Lina is not the daughter of Ahmed El-Fashawy

Yet yesterday the Court again ruled that Lina was the daughter of Ahmed and that there was a marriage between Hend and Ahmed

I read the newspapers today and saw El-bit batik and 10 O'clock coverage for the big event and until now I don't know how the judge became sure of the marriage between Hend and Ahmed yet I respect his rule , what is written in the newspapers I need to understand it more , all what I understand that the judge said that there is no need for documents to prove the marriage and that also there is need of existence of witnesses to witness the marriage but it is enough to be sure from the environment and from the witnesses like the neighbours and servants , I don't know

but I am glad that Lina's misery will end as know she can recognised as a citizen in the Arab Republic of Egypt, you see Lina didn't have any birth certificate until now as there is no father name , already she is a victim of two un irresponsible parents , one playboy actor father and mad about revenge mother

and that's why I guess the judge chose to began the announcement of the rule with the great poem written by one of my favourite poets who shaped my mind and thinking since I was 13 year , Nazar Kabani's Controversial poem of "Pregnant" that he presented in his poems collection in 1950s under the name : "Childhood of breast" ,I guess in year 1956 , the poem at that time was considered something revolutionary ,yet it belonged to the future that is now more than those days , I remember when i was a little girl 13 years old that I read it to my grand ma and she liked so much

It says and this is what the judge said exactly "translation":

Your 50s Liras are making me laugh

For whom this money are given

For the one who will abort me

To tailor my coffin

This is then my price

you ,piece of decay

I will abort this pregnancy

As I don't want a rascal father

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