Thursday, May 25, 2006

Say it from the beginning Mr. Prime Minister , Egypt is an Islamic Country

This week there were a lot of rubbish talk said by the the Egyptian officials in the circus that was held in Sharm Shekih known as World Economic Forum , the most talkative official who didn't stop from saying nonsense is the Prime Minister Ahmed Nazeef

He said another statement of his strange yet truthful statements , truthful because these statements usually expose the real intentions and thoughts of the regime

so beside

" Because of the success of the Islamist movements and parties in the middle East ,we will slow down the progress of our political reform "

Thus our enemy and your enemy "directing this decoded message to the west " known as Islamist movement a.k.a Muslim Brotherhood won't have a chance !! {this completion is made by me }

The usual usage of the Islamist fear of the west to justify the regime unjust acts against the Egyptian people quest for democracy

another stupid statement , he said it this week

Egypt is a Laic country , not a religious country

Well as the great Islamic thinker and Judge "Tarek El-Bashery" said

This is against the constitution as the second chapter in the Constitution of 1971 which is the official Constitution of the Egyptian state says that

The religion of the State is the Islam , and the Islamic Shariaa' is the source of Legalisation

It seems that Mr Prime minister doesn't know the constitution well , after all no one in the regime and government respect this Constitution "look to the Judges' crisis"

Anyway today in Al-Ahram daily newspaper , I found this tiny piece of news in the first page

Nazeef : Egypt is Islamic Country and there is no discrimination between the citizens

The Prime Minister Ahmed Nazeef assured that Egypt is an Islamic country according to the Constitution , and the principles of the Islamic Shariaa' is the primary source of legalisation in Egypt , yet the practise of the public duties and rights in Egypt doesn't discriminate people on the base of Sex or race or language or religion according to chapter 40 in the Constitution

And that the state ensure the freedom of religion and religious practises according to chapter 46 of the constitution

and this came in the same context of the latest statement of Dr. Nazeef concerning the banning of religious based parties according to the Constitution and that Egypt is a laic country in political practises !!

So why he didn't say this from the beginning , it is embarrassment for a man with his tall , intellectual and official position to explain his word s again And again , I bet know he sings the wonderful song of 1976 of Santa Esmeralda "Oh Lord ! Don't let be misunderstood "

Ahmed Nazeef is rumoured to be on the American Administration list of the favourite men in Egypt to rule it , and that 's why he may leave the cabinet at the nearest chance to secure the way for GM !!

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  1. Hello,

    All of those current political and societal movements are not popular among the public. And as long as the public is not an influential player power will remain in the hands of bad parties (organisations).

    The only solution to Egyptian situation is a thriving public awareness so that there is no more rule of elites.

    It is true that we are confronted with only bad choices for the time being and the most powerful player are the corrupted current regime and the Muslim Brotherhood with all of their religious politics.

    Religion must be separated from politics. Religion is a personal affair not a societal ot political one. Because whenever religion is mixed with politics it loses its religious values and it becomes no cult but a pure political view that can harshly challenged. A thing that always yielded nothing other than bitter religious coflicts that parted people and never united them.

    The state cannot have a religion according to what I mentioned above. I know that what you said is right "Islam is considered the country's religion".

    Our constitution needs to change for various reasons and this one of them.

    Keep up.


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