Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy birthday Che

Happy birthday Che`Guevara

The fans of the argentino rebel celebrated his birthday on the last 14th of June in strange way ,suddenly they remembered him , the El-Dostor newspaper gave for him two pages ,discussing the Che phenomena that is still going from the 50s in the 20th century to the 2006 in the 21th century

the man turned in to an international pop culture icon from the communist oppressed societies in the 1960s to the anti-globalisation groups in the new millennium

Simply because the imperialism is not over but it takes new forms

anyway enough of this talk

Che is our man and I must celebrate him even if it was after his birthday correct date but it is never too late

now after more than 30 years on his death in the jungles of Bolivia his posters are on the walls of young people whether rebel or stylish young people who like bizarre retro style of this man who spoke Spanish in Latino accent from 30 something years ago

What astonished me now is that many of those young people don't actually know who was that hombre ?? Esta claro bein

Once Al- shabab "The youth" monthly magazine published a report about the young people who put his posters ,look to the following dialogue

Mag : Why do you hang the poster of this guy on your bedroom's wall?

Silly girl : He looks stylish, sexy and cool !!

Mag : Cool !! OK do you know who is he?

Silly girl : yes I heard that he is Spanish actor like Antonio Banadres !!!

Mag : OK "No further comment our dear readers

Not that only , in Lebanon for example one of the most expensive restaurant ,Cafe and bar is called after him Guevara , the defender of poor who gave his life for the fight against all these bourgeois stuff !! it is irony of life

till next year Adios


  1. Zeinab,

    This is a natural result to all the "Entertainment-Oriented" program on our TV. It will be a surprise if after all these songs, one could know any thing about the history of Egypt let alone the history of South America.

    One thing I like in the American Cable is the history channel. We need a history channel in Egyptian TV. There are so many thing we need to remind ourselves with.

  2. it's a twisted world that we live in, even for legends. by time, not only what u lived for or believed in will b judged and misunderstood by other, it's the very u. they will say that u r so and so .. and that u r that and that.. and u won't b able to prevent them coz u r dead :(
    people just keep bending the truth.
    goodbye che. it's never too late.

  3. @Egyptian-in USA and who will watch this Egyptian History channel now from the young generations ,they either watch Melody or Mazzika TV !?

    @Nuriennium, what you said reminds me with the song of Robbi williams "Advertising space" that what Che became an advertising model

  4. Zeinab,

    Here is an idea to make them watch this channel:

    The Egyptian History Channel will announce that at a surprising question during the coming week between 7 pm - 10 pm but the day will not be known ahead of time. Once you hear the question you will have to pick the phone immediately and answer.

    The question will be about the material on the channel. The guy/girl with right the prize will be spending a day with your favorite singer. Expenses all paid by the "Egyptian History Channel"

    The female/male singer the kids will choose will certainly welcome the propaganda and his/her new image as being a sponsor for education/cultural.

    This is similar to the British Council in Lebanon using Hayfa Wahbe! to promote learning English.

    This way the kids will be stuck to the history channel every day from 7-10 pm waiting for the surprise question and learning something in the process.

    What do you think?

  5. First thought I guess Egypt is still fine as the British Council in Cairo didn't use Ruby in its ads ,we still got hope in future generation
    Second though it will be brilliant , in fact some history programs in Discovery are hosted by stars
    but I am afriad that it will be an insult for our history when Ruby and Tamer Hosny are the stars of the campagin


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