Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Me,David Letterman and El-Zaraqawy

Last I was watching TV Land in Show Time Arabia late night , there was Alias Episode from the fourth season "didn't they announce they will show the 5th and the last season exclusively on this network , anyway Sydney and Vaughan ended their adventure by saving the day and left me alone with David Letterman and some late night show "Americans do have so many shows of this kind ,don't they get bored ,I mean there are Jay Leno , Canon O' Brian and David Letterman "

With my all respect ,but there are not funny , I am sorry but Comedy and humour got different prospective for me as Egyptian , we are famous for our humour and sarcastic spirit , in fact that what kept us alive all these bitter years

I watch David Letterman because there used to have a famous part called "Unforgettable moments from American Presidential speeches " making fun from Bush's statements and stupid comments and compared with the great speeches of the previous presidents " yet last night they didn't show it instead he read "10 secrets they found after El-Zaraqawy 's death"

He used to have similar things of this like "10 reasons why Paris Hilton should buy a monkey !?" but this time it was n't funny ,at least for me ,I felt so strange and so angry

You read what I wrote about El-Zaraqawy whom I don't think that he represented the real Iraqi resistance but with every silly secret Letterman revealed I felt more sad and angry at the same time

Two dump sentences were very provoking to me

They found a pink Boraque he used to wear.

He was the new co-host of the View

In high school book he was chosen as the most to start Jihad

Both related to women stuff

I don't know why I felt angry and sad that I turned the channel cursing !? I thought for awhile and then I discovered very important fact about myself I am on the break to be like those who have sympathy with El-Zaraqawy despite all what I believe and think from Al-Qaida and Co. association are illusion . I began to act in the terms of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" as El-Zaraqawy was a pseudo enemy for the American army which occupies an Arabic land right now,I don't know I am so so confused with mixed feelings and thoughts . May be because Letterman is making fun of Jihad and I am among the people who know and believe in what Jihad real is to be very noble "make another person smile is a Jihad,do you know that?"

May be because El-Zaraqawy is an Arabic , May be because he was a muslim , May be because he is a dead man now !?

I don't know why I forgot all what he did in Iraq from devision between Shiites and Sunnis and suddenly became angry from Letterman .

ironically Letterman said in the program that El-Zaraqawy was an Iraqi !!

another irony I turned the the channel to Movie time to find the movie "Day of the Jackal " !! Strange ,isn't it !?

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  1. Dear Zeinobia,

    Let us not forget he killed so many innocent victims. He was the worst thing that happened to Iraq.

    Allah told us that whoever kills one person "Beghir Hak", it is as if he killed all the people.

    Let us not lose our sense of direction; killing innocent people is not justified, ever!

  2. you poor angry confused girl! wallahy sa3banah 3aleiyah. Allah yekhreb beit 3abd el nasser elly 3amal fe mokhek kedah!

  3. I have never ever justified El-Zaraqawy's death ,or even felt sad , but what made me angry and sad from Letterman's show is the sense of disrespecting and making fun from the resistence and the Arabic culture
    damn it ,Letterman doesn't care about the Shiite and Sunni , he doesn't care about the blood of Iraqis
    That what I felt remember the resistence in the eyes of the americans are the Zaraqawy not the real great ones which make the american army suffer every day , for us ,for those who know who is El-Zaraqawy was , another american agent ,it doesn't matter
    but I felt he wasn't mocking from El-Zaraqawy or El-qaida but from the resistance
    did you get what I am saying !? it is complicated

    @the sand monkey , so what Nasser has to do with this !?


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