Wednesday, June 14, 2006

All rise , The judges ' crisis reached to the dead end

The Judges' crisis in Egypt reached to the dead end or in a better expression God knows how it will end and how will win . Already from weeks or last I can't remember precisely the negotiations between the government and the judges real Representative " The Judges' club "about the Law of the Judicial authority in Egypt was ended and Judges called again peacefully for the president's interfere and as he is a democratic man "oh ,Yes indeed !!" he refuses to interfere in the same way he refuses to appoint a vice president !!

The government doesn't want the independence of Judicatory as this will mean a complete fair supervision for the elections and thus the end of it , not to mention the consequences of this

Also the government doesn't want the Judges' club in the picture instead it wants its hand made "The high council of Judicatory " to take control of the judges' matters instead of the Judges' social club as Prime minister Ahmed Nazeef called it

The differences of the Judges' club and The high council of Judicatory are the following :

  1. The Judges' club is the oldest regulatory board for Judges since 1930s while the high council of Judicatory is from the inventions of Mubarak's regime.
  2. The Judges club high board is based upon elections , while the high council of Judicatory is by governmental ministerial appointment.
  3. The judges' club is independent and doesn't follow any political party while the high council of Judicatory follows the regime and government !!

These are the famous differences , it is all the about the fellowship the judges fight , they want to be independent , in the last negotiations between them and the government , the Judges' club reached to a wonderful comprise the government refused totally , they will accept the supervision of the High council of Judicatory on one condition , that it will be based be independent elections not the government appointment ,of course the government and above it the regime refused this totally , as it won't be able then to control the judicatory authority in the same way it controls the administrative and statutory authorities .

Already at last I took the truth from its real source , a friend of the family is a lawyer whose brother is a judge explained for us another aspect for the crisis , the judges' salaries are not that good ,in fact the government uses it as pressure on judges , you see you are a good Judge who listen to the regime he will be good payed , but if he is a bad a boy who doesn't listen to the regime's order then he will be bad payed !! I don't know how accurate is this information but I guess it is true as it comes from a judge

The judges' crisis with government and their quest for the new law that protects their freedom and Independence was escalated more and more after the Parliament elections with the massive cheating process that happened in the elections and Judges couldn't stop and when they spoke like Judges Noha El-Zeny ,Mekky and Bastawisy did , they were either attacked like in Noha's case or were punished by a discipline illegal council

Already according to the current Egyptian Constitution of 1971 the Parliament elections should be supervised completely by judges , the strange thing the last 24 years the regime didn't act according this chapter except last elections where the democratic changes began to take shape in the Valley of the Nile , the democratic changes according to the needs of the regime . Yet again cheating happened again against the judges' will thanks to the Egyptian security and that's what makes the judges angry , know their integrity is under the suspicion for letting this cheats to happen against their well

The dead end I meant came today with the approval of cabinet to send the Law of Judicatory authority to the People's assembly to get their approval, despite the disagreement of the majority of the Judges "forget about the minority government -Ally"

According Judges from the Judges' club , this law ignores the majority demands ,also ignores the role of the Judges club

Check here in Egyptians without a border Arabic and English

P.S : The Judicial Season in Egypt will end on the 30th of June :(

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