Monday, June 12, 2006

Please remember our P.O.W 1967


In this month after the 5th of June sometimes I remember late Uncle Adal , my grand ma's cousin , he was an army officer, he fought in 1967 as young officer

At this hour on the 12th of June I can imagine him walking "sorry" escaping from the Israeli forces from Gaza , he was a lucky man , very lucky man ,as the Israeli forces didn't arrest him , yet this young man saw alot in his escape with co-officers and soldiers ,some made it with and some not .

They faced alot of hard days that brought to them fear, hunger,thirst, and disease , not to mention of course that they were walking alone without a weapon or a vehicle in the middle of Sinai desert that is hot like hell in the morning and cold as ice at night,already Uncle Adel became a diabetic after this experience and he had this problem with his back that followed him from year 1967 to his death in year 2003.

As I said our dear uncle Adal was lucky man and he made it , he found some good Bedouin man who gave him shelter and after one month he made by riding a Camel and hiding in the secret passages of Sinai

Uncle Adal was a lucky man yet unfortunately 300,000 Egyptian officers and Soldiers did n't make .

Yes 300,000 is the number according to official documents and official statements like the one the late field Marshal Abd El-ghani El-gamsi said in the 25th celebration of 6th of October from couple of years , the 300,000 is the official number our lost men in this bloody war

Some of 300,000 officers and soldiers had died because of the heat and thirst yet the majority were killed brutally by the Israeli forces .

My family knew many of those who lost their sons in this war , one of my family's maid "Om Mohamed" , an old peasant lady who until her death also prayed for her only son to come back

"My son will return again with our victorious troops "

she said this to my grand ma after 1973 victory and my Grand ma didn't answer except

in sh Allah , God is capable of everything ,

but inside she knew it would be a miracle , as they never would never came back again

The Israeli army made horrible crimes against Humanity in year 1967 , crimes that I would daresay that were not less than what the Nazis and Japanese armies did in Europe in Asia. The Israeli army didn't respect any of international conventions concerning the P.O.W above them Geneva Conventions

The Massacres were many , it is enough to say that in the first day of the attack that is the 5th of June the orders where to kill every one in your way and not to be stopped by anything or anyone

Then on the next days , the real massacres started

Whether the famous one that was led by General Ariel Sharon who is now between life and death in Arish or the fire ring in Gaza or those who were killed because of water , or even died because of their neglected wounds

I won't forget and Egypt won't forget 300,000 of her best sons

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  1. I know more that 5 young men missed till now in Israeli prisons. No bodies, no explanations.. no nothing. They r just missing and thought of to b dead is more comforting for their families.
    It’s a shame that the UN didn’t move a pinkie. It’s more shame that Egyptian regime didn’t fight for them too. but they won’t b forgotten by their loved ones and even after those r gone, the missed POWs will b revenged by ALLAH 3azz w jul.
    Alahomma erham shohada’ana.

  2. Zeinobia:

    While in my opinion the loss of human life is regrettable regardless of the number of dead or which side they fought for, in 1967, Egypt had an army consisting of about 150,000 soldiers. Most of them made it back, and between 15,000 to 20,000 were killed or captured.

  3. Dear Zeinobia,

    Why we do not have memorial for each war. Over here in the States they have one for Korean, Vitanmese, WWII, etc.

    We should have a memorial for 1967 war. The government should invite the people to donate and they should put the name of all soldiers including their status (missing or dead).

    This is the least we can do for those soldiers and officers.

  4. @Nuriennium, forget about the UN , it only cares when the U.S cares , and also forget about the regime already it doesn't care much for its own people right now and their safety to care for people who got lost from more than 30 years , it is a sad thing , three presidents who never thought about them

    @Egyptian person , well this number I mentioned is based upon the words of Field Marshal El-Gamsy both in El-Wast Magazine and the 25th celebration of the 1973 war , not to mention the hidden numbers of our officers who died in Yeman , you want more evidence ,well socailly as I heard and knew that there is no black cloth available in Egypt after June 1967 except in 1968 , they were more than 15,000 or 20,0000
    @Egyptian in USA , when we start to do this , believe me we will won't be a third world country , we would be a real free country


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