Monday, June 12, 2006

Say Good or Shut up

One of the most famous Quotes of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" which Muslims take as a doctrine in life is

The Believer is the one who says good or shut up

I remember it this week and also last week when I found here and there statements for our Egyptian prime minister Dr.Ahmed Nazeef , the man since the World Economic Forum in Sharm El-Shekih and he didn't close his mouth from strange statements , sorry provoking more strange statements . Forget about the Islamic identity of Egypt and the separation of the State and religion statement , the one he had to issue statement explaining what he meant , the one many of the NDP members from ministers tried to modify so they can absorb the anger and of the majority of the public who follows politics , as it is clear in the sun and it has nothing to do with the Muslim brotherhood influence in Egypt more than it is the deep feeling of the Islamic identity and the religious personality in the Egyptian Character in general Since the dune of the History

Anyway I found that statement was much better than the other statements

The first one was in the World Economic Forum

We will go in a slow steps in democracy to limit the advance of the Islamists so we won't have another Hamas !!

The Second one was after the World Economic Forum

The government will work to limit the activity of the Muslim Brothers members in the Parliament !!

The third one was from two weeks

The Judges' club is a social club , the only establishment responsible for the Judges and their negotiations with the government is the high council of Judicatory !!

It seems that the prime minister doesn't work with the prophetical Quote or even the famous Egyptian proverb

Your Tongue is Your horse , if you look after it , it will look after you , if you betray it,it will betray you

As you see the first statement the prime Minister is simply blackmailing the West which is scared from the Islamic parties , the same old game ,using the boogie man ,Stupid trick . Already this statement shows what really the government intends to do , not only slow down the movement of any kind of political improvement in Democracy , now they are going to freeze it for fear of the Islamic parties in general and the MB in specific. Ironically everyone in Egypt knows for sure that the regime is not serious to make any change what so ever . This is just talk for the external use more than the internal use to absorb the anger of the international community .

The regime became liable in front of the international community to make political improvement and foster the democratic life , one hell of a liability it doesn't want to held ever, and thus with the massive victories of the MB in Parliament elections the liability becomes heaver then ever , people want them ,it is well of the people , and the well of the people regardless was foolish or not must be respected and implemented, this is the basic rule of democracy and that's why the west respect the well of the people , and didn't like the aggressive attacks of the government against the opposition whether from Kafya or MB and so Nazeef is trying to justify these acts using the same ol' boggie man thanks to Hamas . The coming of Hamas in rule in Palestine with the stupid on going war held by Fatah and the U.S making it fail in every possible exam to push it toward resign or even worse to be overthrown .and the reject of the west for Hamas gave an excellent opportunity to our boys in Cairo to use it in its anti-islamist MB propaganda from a point and to justify its acts against democracy , it is like hitting two birds with one stone .

Here I would like to comment saying that there will never be a real democratic life in Egypt , a healthily one as long as this regime is still in its place

The Second statement is a comedy one , also shows how the government acts according to the Democracy !!

why is it comedy ? because the members of MB whom the prime Minister wants to limit their activities in the Parliament are the most active members in the Parliament , are the only members who come and attend the sessions "I will talk about the Parliament life later"

If there is another common factor between the first and the second beside the one who said ,where and the governmental views about the democracy , it will be the Muslim Brother phobia !!

The third statement shows how ignorant Nazeef is and also shows the real opinion and feelings toward the Judges and their club

Nazeef is ignorant engineer who does n't know that the Judges' club is the oldest regulatory form for the Judges in Egypt since the 30s or 20s of the 20th century ,I am sorry I can't remember the right date , I presume that he ignores this fact because if he knows than he will be a liar and being ignorant is much better than being a liar

The high council of Judicatory is a dependent council made by the regime to kill the independence of the judges

Nazeef despite speaking foolishly , spoke the truth , he is a kind man who doesn't hide anything in his heart like we say in Egypt .

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