Saturday, July 29, 2006

When the murdered baby girl ask for what guilt I was killed ??

Last night I was reading the Quran ,our holy book in Islam and a sentence stopped me because as soon I read it , it is in the 30th last part in Quran , the Soar'a number 81 in the two verses number 7 and 8

God Says :

"If the killed baby girl was asked ,for what guilt she was murdered"

in Arabic :

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

"واذا الموءودة سئلت .بأى ذنب قتلت"

صدق الله العظيم

These verses are a description of what is going to happen in the judgement day when God brings all humans and asks for what they did. This verses originally was about a nasty habit that was spread in Arabia before the Islam , men used to kill the babies girls by burying them in the sands of the deserts for fear of scandal !! Islam came and fought this nasty habit

I believe and as all Muslims believe Quran is for every time and every place , and believe or not killing the babies is still there in the modern age , People kill their babies in China and throw their bodies in streets and even worst give their bodies to restaurants in certain areas "I swear I saw images and I still got it" .

Anyway I remember immediately the horrible image I saw it in from Israel to Lebanon site


For what guilt this baby was killed ? I don't know this baby was a boy or a girl but still the Quranic verses imply to it

For what guilt ?

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  1. Marhaba Zeinobia,

    I hope we can do something to change this.

    Please see my post: A call for a dialogue

    Thank You.

  2. why did you come here monky ? go away... go to back to your country in europe or us they are your country not palesten monky. we are sure we shall kill you now or later but it is the tru.

  3. Dear "egyptian",

    I do not agree to speaking in bad language to "israeli blogger".

    He/She came asking Zeinobia for a dialogue. He/She should get one.

    A dialogue where we can all reason how to get out of this mess we are living in since 1948.

    There must be a solution and if we "arabs" have good case (which we have) then we do not need to use bad names like "monky" or similar terms but rather we should use reasoning to win our case.

  4. yes egyptian. i 2nd egyptian in usa
    i mean, not all isrealis are terrorets.. as not all muslims are extermists,,,
    s/he came asking for a dialogue.. then listen.. why not.. :)
    phrophet mohamed didn't teach us this way when he visited his jew friend the one day he didn't find his junk infront of his house..

    وبعدين خلينا ورا الكداب لحد باب الدار

  5. @israeli blogger
    Ahaln Wa sahlan , I hope we can , I visited your post and I am already for dialogue

    @egyptian I don't accept this language in my blog , I don't like my guests to be insulted ,the man came in Peace and he must respected for God sake

    @egyptian in USA ,I agree with you , we must try every way to help us to get out of this mess
    @lasto adri I agee with you too

  6. Thank you Zenobia. I have read the letter you left on my blog. I truly appreciate your candor and willingess to engage in dialog.

    I have started to reply yesterday here, and will continue in a few days.

    Please also read my "emergency post" from today.



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