Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Army Chief in Israel is sick of defeat

IDF chief Dan Halutz went to hospital last night urgently for tests then released to go home for short rest

Check the new Yedioth Ahronoth ,the article is very interesting as it contains information about Halutz . Already it seems to me with my humble military information that it is wrong to make some one from Air forces to head the Army , Halutz is the first chief of IAF "Israel Air forces" to head the IDF "Israel Defence forces" in July 2005. His military information about land combat will be zero ,and this obvious in the Bent Jabial battle . The Strange is that this mistake is made by a great military mind that is Ariel Sharon himself !!

Already according to Al-arabya there is a great difference in opinion in the leadership of IDF because of the horrible defeats of IDF in only three villages on the borders in South Lebanon , there seems a mutual blame between the Mossad and the Military intelligence in IDF about underestimating the powers of Hizbullah

The interesting and the thing that I real admire about the Israelis that you don't hide anything even their inside conflicts because it is not about them ,it is about a nation ,so no use of hiding like in our country ,this is another side remark i must record

can anyone tell me why my blog is not listed in the blogs too active in Manal and Alaa bucket ,I object this treatment ???

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  1. Don't worry.
    Haluz will be just fine :-)

    I'm from Israel and I think that this war will not be over until the Nasrallah group will be removed from south Lebanon.

    I'm starting to see the preasure building from within the Lebanease people.
    I read a lot of the Arab press.

    After the war will be over, Nasrallah will not be the same Arab hero (assuming he'll even survive the war and not be liquidated by the IDF).

  2. What press you are readin the Saudi or Governmental official Egyptian newspapers !!
    Nasrallah will becom a great hero more then you think, take my word
    the Lebanese people now respect him more after the victories in Bet Jbeil


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