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The masquerade is over in Lebanon

This is something I wanted to write from sometimes during the Lebanese war but I believe it is never too late . I wanted to write another title for this post , I want to hold the title of Mahmoud Darwish's famous poem he wrote in the invasion of Beirut 1982 which Magda El-Roumi sang after that "Sakaat El-Kan'a- The Mask was pull over " but as you see it is not that sweet in English and thus I chose this title "The Masquerade is over in Lebanon" ,already it has same meaning of the poem

Both means the real faces and personalities of people mainly the leaders whether presidents or kings or politicians , the masquerade of political deception is over thanks to the war Israel declared on Lebanon for one month , one month exposed all those whether from Lebanon or the Arab world or even the whole world , it exposed them and made them appear naked in front of us , the people of the Arab world .

This war made see real faces of politicians in Lebanon in a way I could never imagine , the mask of "Freedom,sovereignty and independence " was pull over from the faces of many Lebanese personalities and I saw their faces which still have got the scares of hate ,prejudice and racism of the Lebanese civil war . Also I won't lie and said that the official Egypt-Saudi reaction didn't surprise , well it surely it surprised me to the limit of anger when the great two leading countries of the Arab world turn their back to Lebanon , but of course I wasn't surprised by the official Jordanian reaction , because I know it from advance it will be with the United States and Israel all the way, already you notice used the word "Official" because the people's reaction was completely different from the official reaction by 180 degrees , this war widened the space between The people and the ruling class from the Altanic ocean to the Persian gulf , People are not in a valley but in galaxy and the ruling class in another galaxy. You know Lebanese NewTV Channel used to air a promo attacking the Egyptian and Saudi official reactions using Magda Roumi's song "Saka'at El-Kan'a" as a background song !! It was so suitable

Anyway back to Lebanon and Lebanese political arena

The war exposed the real faces of those pretend to care for Lebanon and all they care is their personal agendas , I won't go much in introductions I already started discussing the reaction of specific groups in Lebanon like the 14th of March coalition

But here I will speak about specific person I said that I write about him a whole Post

I will speak about Mr. Walid Bek Jumblatt

"Bek" is a title that is traced back to the Turkish roots , it is said for men to respect as "Sir" and "Lord" , in fact in old days these titles where given by Ruler himself to the members of his entourage ,whether ,the Turkish Sultan in Istanbul or the Egyptian kings in Cairo , of course this official titling thing was finished was the end of the two era the ottoman rule in Turkey and the monarchy of Egypt

But the title is still used from the respect point especially when the person comes or descends from very famous powerful family that has some roots in leadership and is still having some kind of influence in our modern days just like the Gomblat family

One of the two controlling families in Druz religious sect in Lebanon, Arsalan and Jumblatt , two big families just like the "Montague" and "Capulet" in Romeo and Juliet of course without the existence of the two lovers , the influence of Jumblatt and Arsalan families comes from the fact that both families are living or or in other words controlling the Chouf Mountain , which is in the Mount of Lebanon governorate , I once read this mountain has some sacred symbol to the Druz believers that they pilgrim to it ,instead of Holy Land in Saudi Arabia . Both families really had a great role in modern Lebanon , Prince Shakib Arsalan ,one of the founders of modern Lebanon was from the Arsalan in fact until now the members of the Arsalan family held the title prince, by the way their leader now is Prince Talal Arsalan who was an ex-minister , also a great alley to Syria and an old enemy to Walid Jumblatt By the way before two weeks of the Lebanese war ,there had been some armed clashes between both families supporters

Yet Jumblatts are not that easy , they got their rule especially with their leader Kamal ,the father of Walid Jumblatt , Kamal Jumblatt was the founder of the Lebanese progressive Socialist party in the mid 20th century that adopts the Socialist communist principles with the ideas of the Arab nationalist union that president Nasser was calling for in that time. Kamal was an alley to Egypt and Syria and of course the soviet Union , he was also a famous philosopher and poet . He was killed in the mid of 1970s by the orders of the Syrian secret service under the control of Rifaat Al-assad

Yet this assassination strangely didn't affect the relations between the Syrian regime and Walid Jumblatt in fact the relation reached to its topest level of alliance in the time of the civil war in Lebanon , when the militia of Walid Jumblatt was fighting against the militia of Phalanges that was presenting the Christian Maronites of Lebanon under the leadership of Bacheer Gemayel, as you know Gemayel was an alley to Israel and was the man who made the massacre of Sabre and Shatilla in Lebanon with the IDF cooperation , he was also the brother of Amine Gemayel , the ex-president of Lebanon, in this war ,as you know or may be you don't know what both sides did I will tell you that both did war crimes against humans in Lebanon that give both Bacheer and Walid ,the title of War criminals

Mr Walid Jumblatt who suddenly began to fight Syria and considered it the real enemy of Lebanon not Israel and suddenly remember who the real murderers of his own father after two or even three decades of alliance,used to take weaponry especially missiles of the Syrian Army itself and use it against the Christian Maronites populations in Mount of Lebanon area to force them to evacuate the mount and brought instead of Druz population and thus he changed the demographics of the area in a bloody way

Now Walid Bek forgot all the bloody past and washed his hands from the innocent blood and is standing against the Syrian interfere in his country policy forgetting that because of leaders of his kinds Syria wouldn't interfere in the first place , in fact it is strange when I found the old communist who used to be backed up from the Soviet union itself welcoming Condeleeza Rice warmly eating with her and considering the American administration is a friend!! So strange , so strange because the Syrian Army didn't enter Lebanon except by the request "Some like to call it orders" of the United States administration at that time !! So strange when Amine Gemayel and he stand together smiling with all this long past of hate between them !!!

Walid is known for his changing opinions from one week to another and I guess for this post you can understand how far he can goes

In the problem of Lebanon is in its leaders since the 1950s and Kameel Shamon's alliance with the United States and all the forces in the World whether American or French or Russian or Arabic has allies in Lebanon who don't act according to what they believe good for Lebanon's national interests but to their own personal agenda and interests. Walid Jumblatt and Amine Gemayel are the reason why Syria and United States both interfere in the first place

In the last Lebanese War , Jumblatt true face appeared , the slogans of unity .....etc were all consumed ,more than lies , instead of blaming Hezbollah,Syria and Iran ,Jumblatt should have supported the resistance and instead of asking "To whom Nasrallah is going to dedicate this victory?" ,He should have adopted this victory at least that what his father was going to do , his father was always with the Arabic agenda and stood with the Palestinians , I wonder why the Druze leader Walid Bek didn't work for the release of Samir Kantar from the Israeli prisons and he is a Druze believer and a communist too !! Walid Bek says he believes in the Nassirism whether I like or not but what he is doing contridicts the Nassirism teachings !!

And that's why I believe Lebanon won't be "Free,Independent and Master of his own well" except by the vanish of this political class that includes Jumblatt , Gemayel ,Gaga'a and others because they are polluted with lies ,prejudice and blood

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  1. Very informative. It's really nice to have an Encyclopedia such as wikipedia at the tips of your fingers.

  2. Sure Tarek Wikipedia is just a great thing

  3. Ya Zenobia,

    I see you have been overwhelmed by this act of Heroism on the part of Hizbollah. Before I start let me tell you that with all due respect to your opinion and to Hizbollah, I am from the other camp. The camp you believe have blood on their hands and the camp that have brought destruction to Lebanon. Let me remind you that Saad Hariri and to a greater respect the great Rafic Hariri was of this camp.

    Ya Zenobia, your analysis of Walid Beyk is understandable and as far as the eye can see, his history is there for all to analyse. However, let me tell you that Walid Beyk has already apologised and called for peace between the Mountain people of the Druze and Maronites. he has buried differences with the Phalange for the good of the country and since 2000 (after Israel withdrew) he started working for the benefit of ONE Lebanon.

    You blame him for the bringing the Syrians in??? Makes no sense. Interefering??? Whether him or Amin Gemayel, they had no power in the face of the invading Syrians!! Kamal Joumblatt let me remind you was a supporter of Nasser, but a great Skeptic of the Assad Baath regime that declared itself a fighter for Arabism only to use that in dictating to it people and keep them subjugated. I don't need to inform you more for you know what they are like.

    Walid Joumblatt changes opinions and allegiances is not suppsed to be an accusation only for it is a declaration. Only the stupid ya Zenobia remain unchanged! In Lebanon, with the most politically complicated balance you cannot remain unchanged!!! You must read with intelligence! Walid Beyk has managed to remain at the helm of the politics in the country! Look at him - he presides over only 200,000 people, but he is the most influential politican (aside from Nasrallah who has majority shi3a with him) in the country.

    Zenobia, what Walid Beyk is asking today is what I want and have always wanted. WHY can't I have peace in country? Why must I in Lebanon always be the one fighting Israel when I have the weakest resources??? Why when Egypt, the largest of Arabs sits in peace since 79, I have been fighting? I can't afford to fight!!Why when Syria has land occupied in the Golan, does her bullshit president support resistance from my country only??? Why can't he fight?? Why must he praise the blood of Lebanese only and spare his own??

    ya Zenobia I am Druze. Before 2000, I did not support Walid Beyk. I have always been weary of Syria's role in my country and Walid beyk used to support them. After he defied them in 2000 I believed I could give him a second chance and he hans't failed the Lebanese since. He asked all the right questions and became a thorn in thr side of Syria. There was no reason for their stay in my country, so they developed the story of Shebaa and told us to fight for our people in Israeli jails. They turned Walid beyk into a traitor because of it and told him he cared not for the Druze in Israeli jails but only for his position. I say Arabism without freedom is useless!!! Arabism locked in a cage is useless!!! Arabism of supporting one eternal ruler who gets rich of your fighting is useless!!!
    Zenobia you speak of Samir Kuntar??? Just because he is a Druze, Walid Beyk should seek to free him??? Through the Resistance?? Why??? It makes no sense!! Should Walid Beyk risk the whole country for one man like what Hizboillah did? Ok lets say he supported Hizbollah in the last war, would it have been worth it?
    First of all, Samir Kuntar is a criminal. You have no idea what he did. I don't care if it was Israeli's he did what he did to, but it was barbaric and disgusting! He deserves to rot in jail. Also, destroying the whole country for a criminal like that is to me something I shall never forgive the "resistance" for.
    Why when we have more than 400 Lebanese prisoners in Syria, do we start a war with Israel for just 3 among which Kuntar is one!?

    Zenobia I don't blame you for being proud of Hizbollah. It is natural but I will start blaming you when I feel that my country is burning as a result of war that I am fighting for all the Arabs and all you can do is provide us with emonitional speeches and rhetortic. I say leave Lebanon alone and we will forever be in ALF KHEIR!!!

    It is my country that was burning and when I say I want to see an end to Hizbollah, I don't need to be reminded of the true enemy - Israel nad called a traitor! I am just excercising my right to a free, independent country! A sovereign country with rights, one institution and one army!

    With more than 1,200 dead, 20,000 homes destroed, south Beirut destroyed, South Lebanon destroyed, 1MIO people lost their homes and $10BIO damage I think just as Hosni Mubarak said with regards to Hizbollah...Pure advernturism at the expense of the Lebanese people!!!!

    Hizbollah didn't ask me before they started the war! They didn't even take any contingency plan!!! How are they supposed to protect Lebanon>???!!! I think any idiot can see that they did not manage to protect Lebanon at all. All they did was stand bravely in the face of the enemy and even then had the bloody Israeli's taken more time, they would have finished Hizballah off!

    Listen to Walid Beyk when he questions and discusses and don't call him a traitor! He is spekaing our MIND!!!

  4. @Hani , it is great to have you back here in Blog ,and it is glad to here from another camp, you know since last month I met all kinds of people except your camp , even Israelis came and we had great discussion
    of course I want to comment different parts of your comment
    but first I want to say something ,your party are speaking in the terms that'Hezbollah brought war over Lebanon with his foolish movements to the end of this talk' let's speak ,or let's think outside the box , do you believe that for Two soldiers only Israel did what it did?? even Hassan Nasrallah himself said from two days if I knew the consequnences of this war I would have given the orders. Even the westerns believed that this was a pre-made Scanerio by Israel and the U.S , and all they wanted was an excuse .
    I wrote this before in a whole post but I remind you quickly Hezbollah had an agreement with the current cabinet and also other parties in the Lebanese National conversation to handle the P.O.W file , I am sorry how those people thought it would be handled !!?? it was known for the whole world that the only way by Hezbollah was kidnapping the soldiers and exchanging them , about the disarming of the Lebanese army
    with my all respect did Hezbollah ever use it against anyother Lebanese group ?? no it was all used against the IDF
    Now those are only remarks I wanted to start with
    Now to Walid Jomblat , You came before to my blog i believe and I think you read the post concerning El-Hariri , I was always with lebanon and its independence and I am still against Al-Assad regime "already wrote an interesting post about dangerous revelation by El-Sadaat 's personal doctor"
    But Truth is truth and Priotries come first and the Nation dignity comes in the first place
    when Israel was killing on a daily basis children and women , destroying houses and infra structure and this party was having lunch with Condaleeza Rice in the American Embassy smiling in front of her in a disgusting way especially Walid Bek eating Bread and salt as we say in Egypt ,while people were dying in the south
    Don't tell about politics and changing views and stands because there are some limits not to be crossed at all
    I am not a romantic nationalist dreamer who lives in the old age but I am just wondering is it because the people who died were Shiites and from the south !!
    May be because I am an Egyptian and the real Egyptians ,who love their country know that in time of wars they must forget their difference , Walid Bek can be considered as traitor in my country if he were an Egyptian , you know Egyptians disrespected the leader of the Orabi revolution ,Ahmed Orabi himself and Mutafa Basha Kamal attacked him ,because the old man asked the British forces to return back to Egypt to die in it after decades in Exile , sorry you may not understand this value in Egypt
    Al-Assad is an asshole yes ,an enemy to you ,may be , but he is not the danger to your counry ,in fact you are the danger , you will be the crossing of the Americans and Israelis to Syria and from it to Egypt , donoi laught and think of me as some kind of a crazy paraniod person , this plan of destorying the Arab world and have this new middle east
    do you want this Middle East ?
    Walid Bek and Maroon Hamada's statement were used in the Security council by the Israeli envoy to cover their crimes and attack Syria
    Do you think that Kamal Bek now happy in his grave that Israelis consider his son a supporter to them??

    about Kantar , there are two versions one of the Arab side and the other is Israeli side , I read them and to say the truth I can't say which one is true

    why your Party wants to live in a weak Peace , Israel is a giant not to be waken up why ?
    Is this the sort of Peace yu want ??
    Israel wants El-Latani river and it wanted since 1948

    I will not answer on the part concerning we fight alone ,you left us to the last of this talk because we have some voices in Egypt that say the opposite why do you care for them

    Do n't be the crossing of Israel to Syria because the security of Egypt starts from Tartus , this is a quote said by Ramses III

  5. Zenobia,

    With all due respect, I won't have anyone support my country's blood while they sit and do nothing.

    For those that were fighting, they fought for their own benefits and interests and dragged us all into this mess! i wish you could see things from my own point of view a little and for a second remove the American/Israeli/Zionist threat from your mind a little!!! i don't ned any one to remind me that ISRAEL IS THE ENEMY!!!!

    You can't tell me that syria is not my problem. It seems you know very little ya Zenobia, forgive me!
    What Ramses said is good for you and for Egypt and i support you in your decision for Egypt...Why can't you respect me in my decision??? I am part of the majority ya Zenobia! Those 1.5 MIO that were on the streets after the great martyr died! None of Hizbollah members were there. They had their own on March 8. Zenobia, I don't need you or any other Arab to tell me about Hizbollah and what they are doing for Lebanon. They are Lebanese at the end of the day. To me they come before ALL the Arabs and before the enemy of course.

    I won't focus about Walid Beyk at all now but I want you to know that he is the only one talking and expressing the other side with extreme levels of bravery. Also he was not smiling with Condoleeza this time around at all. Sometimes in politics you have to do things that are against your stances. When Sadaat put his hands in the hands of Begin, he wasn't very excited but he felt he needed to do so for the benefit of Egypt.
    Sayyed Hassan once travelled to Syria to meet Ahmadinejad and kiss his shoulders!! A Lebanese leader to me should stay in Lebanon to meet another Leader! He doesn't go to anohter sovereign country to play host!!! Money makes is the essence...

    Of course you will be proud that Hizbollah stood in the face of the enemy and "defended" Lebanon. As an Arab, you haven't seen sch an advance since 1973, but ya Zenobia i am fed up! My country is not a play ground for wars!!! You are right about The two soldiers, but does that mean we should go and provoke the Israeli's to do what they did??? Does that mean we should sstat a war? Ya Zenobia since 2000 they have been threatening to hit Lebanon hard if Hizbollah attempt to upset the status quo. Also a huge military power like Israel is expected to have a contingency plan to strike and they excercised their Lebanon plan as we have seen. All countries have military contingency plans. Egypt has a military contingency plan for Sudan! If it doesn't then it has a stupid Army!

    We have rebuilt Lebanon so many times and we shall continue to rebuild! but there comes a time when we shall be strong and assertive! We must say NO and Kefayah!!!

    Hizbollah must now join the Lebanese Army and a timescale for their weapons must be put on the agenda. Their men must either go back to daily lives and/or join and strengthen the Lebanese Army!

    This is not because the Israeli's want that....I don't give a shit about them and their interests....It is in Lebanon's interest to empower the Army and control the borders! ALL BORDERS! BOTH ISRAELI AND SYRIAN!

  6. SUNDAY/The 13th of APRIL 1975-LEBANON?!This is a date any Lebanon LOVER tries to FORGET?! or as we Lebanese say TIN-ZIKER WA MA TIN-AAD/or > BE REMEMBERED BUT NEVER..REPEATED!before that Sunday i never believed in all that Mambo-Jumbo about No.13,and how unlucky it is for some?saying ,Its all in the mind,it was for Lebanon<- VERY VERY UNLUCKY DAY+DATE that the Lebanon of Harmony/dreams/joys/freedom..all such reputations it had before then,sunk down the drains..a sweet dream that interrupted by a SUDDEN intruding Nightmare THAT LASTED for 15 long years,and still the aftermath-shocks..vibrate,even after 42 long years,without a WINNER so far,all whom participated in this MASQUERADE ,or as i call it The CARNIVAL of The Militias..just demolished buildings/homes+shops+markets..and killed 100.00 or over Innocents and some fighters..yes the numbers of ordinary/peace loving Lebanese paid the HIGH price MOST in all this Game Of Nations!!..Fighters were cowardly sheltered in HOTEL-buildings/Tanks/Behind sandbags..sniping and shooting any moving thing in their sights..even children/women/old men & women..without remorse or distinction,all employed by one BIG-BOSS called >THE GRIM REAPERLebanon's FIRE for 15 years ,were first who fled the ailing country..with their families and bank-accounts ,some to neighbouring countries and others heading the West,+America,leaving behind a shattered nation,where once they made their wealth through the sweat+blood+tears of THE GOOD PEACE LOVING + HARD WORKING..LEBANESE OF ALL CREEDS+AGES+BACKGROUNDS!Even those whom considered Winners were in fact GREAT LOSERS of this all??but the REAL VICTIM WAS>>>>L..E..B..A..N..O..N/and every decent..LEBANESE!! may GOD BLESS LEBANON AND ALL THE ARAB NATIONS WITH PEACE & HARMONY AMONG ALL ITS PEOPLE/ with regards /from London/Mr.NostalgiA Is-Hak Barsoumian./ ( p/s: 13 April 1975 is one date i don't feel Nostalgic about..but AS a STAIN of shame on all whom plotted the demise of LEBANON...,but it SURVIVED & STILL ALIVE & KICKING ->TO THIS DAY..THANK GOD?!)


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