Thursday, August 24, 2006

Don't change the meanings of holy Quran

For sure changing the meaning of holy Quran is a dangerous thing, in fact it is one of the problems nowadays especially that people became more ignorant and lazy enough to use their minds and search for correct answers from correct sources

I am writing this in the eve of El-Esraa incident which is an important incident to the Islamic faith, yet it is not related to it as much it is related to both Quran and Science

As a Muslim I believe that Quran is the greatest and holiest book ever I believe in every Word in it, it is my source of understanding and living in this world , It is God's word to us as humans , I know there is history in it , I know there is future in it and I know there are scientific facts

A historical fact like the one concerning the drowning of Moses Pharaoh a.k.a RamsesII despite all those who are in Egypt denying this fact , in the experiments in France in 1970s they reached out that he drowned as found salt in his lungs .

The future , the slave girl who gives birth to its lady and the judgement day , Jerusalem which will be invaded twice "By the way I believe this is the first time"

The scientific facts Holy Quran gave a description to the baby growth inside the womb of its mother from 14 centuries before the Ultra-Sonic was discovered. This called the miracle of Science in Quran For example "

God says  "We created everything living from Water"

And after that by many centuries we reached that Water is the essence of life . This miracle of Science now is a matter of debate between the seculars and religion men and supporters in Egypt .

Seculars as usual refuse to combine between Religion and Science , some really I believe hate the religion altogether and some are afraid from using religion in a wrong way . You use Scientific facts can be changed while Holy Quran can't be changed.

Anyway why I am writing all this old introduction , is because from few days I found a small essay in Egypt's most famous Tabloids "El-Ain" concerning a message that is circulating the Internet and Arabic Islamic religious forum concerning a very important scientific discovery the whole world ,well not the whole world but at least those who follow scientific discoveries are following

That is the discovery of another 3 planets in our solar system after Planet Plato and thus our solar system extended , this discovery is approved by the IAU updates at 8/24/06 , the IAU changed the definition of the Solar System , Pluto is no longer a planet but a dwarf planet , same as for the three celestial bodies click here

Now certain persons in the Arab world are trying to connect this with the Quran , I will presume this for good intention, they are saying that this new scientific fact is mentioned in the holy Quran exactly in The Soraa of Youssef in the 12th chapter in it

They saying that it is mentioned in certain verse in this Soraa , already this soraa is called "Youssef" "Joseph" and it is about the tale of Joseph ,his father ,his brothers and his coming to Egypt and living there. Ironically those people said that NASA is trying to cover up the story of the discovery of the new planets to hide the miracle of Quran , God forgive me but those brothers seems with their knowledge in religion are ignorant with certain facts

  1. The holy Quran spoke of 11 planets only and this exactly what is mentioned in verse  "O' Father I dreamt that eleven planets ,the sun and moon are bowing to me " , First they are here 11 planets not 12 , second and that is important the explanation of the dream is mentioned in them Soraa and the story , the 11 planets are Joseph's brothers , the sun and moon are both his father Jacob and his mother , their bowing incident is when they arrived to Egypt and met him
  2. NASA didn't hide anything , all the world knew about it
  3. The story doesn't stop in the Quran but extends to the Prophetical Quotes of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" , in the essay they mentioned an incident about a Jew asking Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" about the name of the 11 planets , yet Prophet didn't know yet the holy Spirit "Gabriel" came and told him , and thus answered the Jew who knew that those were the correct names !! In the easy they didn't mention whether it is correct Quote or not ,for God sake a friend of mine "A newly Muslim American" showed me a British so-called Islamic publishing house providing an e-book full of Quotes and incidents I highly Doubt that they belong to Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" all about sex !!
  4. One of the things make me highly doubt with genuine of this Quote , that is one of the names of the Planets mentioned in so called Quote is "El-Tarek" , "El-Tarek" is a name of a very famous Soraa in Quran in the 30th chapter , It Says the following " Wa El-Tarek{Wa El-Tarek means God swears with El-Tarek , We El is a kind of Oath , a holy oath},And you don't know what is El-Tarek, A shooting Star { That is what the El-Tarek is a shooting star,I don't know if it is a shooting star like comet or like a star like the sun , yet I believe an Oath like this God makes then it will be a great as a sun } , anyway as you see it is not a planet ,it is shooting star , Quran words are crystal clear
  5. Another thing , those brothers as usual combine Politics with Religion with Science , I don't know what is their proof but they are claiming that "El-Tarek is going to hit America in year 2007!!"ok you hate America but don't start to spread dangerous rumors , my professor last year told us that an American friend asked him why Quran hates America !!??  from where this stupid prediction came I don't know , already yes the Earth is threatened by many asteroids , the nearest one will hit earth in year 2037 according to IAU !!

You hate America as you want but please don't use Islam ,Quran and Prophet Mohamed in it this is one

I don't need scientific facts to make me believe in Quran more , for God sake from 14 centuries people believed in it , the essence of belief , the greatest level of belief is not based upon tangible things to but intangible things, I may sound strange but ...

Please don't involve religion in Politics , hate America as you like but away from our Holy Book and Sona


This post is updated on the 24th of August 2006

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