Friday, August 25, 2006

Transferring Ramses II to his new old home

Ok right now the king who stayed the longest period in rule "60+"  from thousands of years is moving in the crowded streets of Cairo to his new old home. The Statue of Ramses II is making a journey from Cairo to Giza , from the same ol' place of Ramses square to the new site of the new future Egyptian museum in Meet Raheena in Giza , the same original place the Statue was found.

A long process of transferring the giant statue made of Granite , it will take 11 hours to transfer him to the new site as they are saying

The Egyptian Television is covering the event live on air right now and there are huge numbers of people in the streets covering the big cultural and national Event , Ramses II is not only a great king but also an icon from the icons of the capital. I was going to take photos for him tonight in his old place in Ramses Square but I woke up sick with high temperature , but to say the truth I am surprised by this huge crowds in the street right , yes  it is summer and it is Thursday night but it is amazing especially those people waving with Egypt's flag,clapping and cheering , you know I am feeling that it is two seconds before we hear "Belrouh Beldam nafdeek ya Ramses" ,the Egyptians really are great kind people who respect their kings and presidents even those who ruled from thousands of years B.C

so here is picture from the old days in Egypt's most famous and active 24/7 live Ramses Square , also I took some photos from the TV broadcast "I know I am crazy about blogging and photo blogging but what can you do!!"


I am not against the transfer more afraid that some disaster would happen , I distrust this government , and it freaks me out that there is no external help , yes I know the Egyptian pride , but not with this ministry of Culture , really the Statue was humiliated in the square now , with all this chaos around him , I saw a documentary about it in the 50s when they transferred him to the square and it was so beautiful scene , but now ,oh my goodness it looked like a circus , Buses and Microbus stations ,Traffic jams and bridges , an ugly square.

Ironically it will go back to Meet Raheena where they found the Statue in the first place , it is made of granite from Aswan where it is made in the first then transferred through the Nile to Meet Raheena

It will be transferred to the location of the new Egyptian Museum there ,where they will build it over the Statue .

The Coverage of the event by the national TV

As usual stupid boring and ignorant coverage on Channel One , Nile TV and our first satelittle channel

This guy interviewing Zahi Hawas didn't prove that he is a bad ignorant correspondent but also stupid ,read the following ,I swear he said the following lines

Ramses II did great things and left great things , from temples to statues to monuments to mummies !!

Ramses II left mummies ? what mummies? how come ? it is only one mummy he can leave !! why this idiot uses  the word "Mummies" how many bodies the person leaves when he dies ?

Where do they find those jerks ?

I will go to sleep now  but I am not finish with Ramses II


  1. I was scared when I was watching over the Egyptian Satellite Channel because the truck moving it was moving too quickly; people were actually running to catch it. I thought it should move very slowly even it takes weeks to reach there.

    Any way, I was telling myself if this statue got broken I am going to put all my money in a lawsuit against Farouk Hosni.

  2. Yes they were moving too fast and that scares me
    if this statue had got broken ,the cabinet wouldn't have stayed any other second
    a ferry then a train then ramses II


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