Saturday, August 26, 2006

and who is Haifa in the first place?

I don't why from time to time I found in very provoking headlines for silly provoking news just like this one

Haifa Wahby is explaining her stand from the Resistance !!

The summary of the news that takes a whole web page says the following : The Lebanese bombshell denies attacking the Resistance in South Lebanon of Hezbollah and that Media and newspapers claimed that she said what can be considered as criticism to the Hezbollah!! , this can not be true because Haifa is the daughter of the great South that defied the Israeli invaders !! And that Haifa sends her greetings to the resistants !!

The statement that she says she didn't say was " No body asked us what we think about this war ??!! We don't want violence" this statement was interpreted as a criticism to Hezbollah

First of all she said this statement and she said on air on the Nile Entrainment from three weeks in Cairo and itself remarked the impressive statement

Second wasn't Haifa the first to take the first jet available for her and seek refugee in Egypt leaving her own country and people to face death in a very noble act from the girl of the south ??

Third I don't know whom should Hassan Nasrallah take his opinion before carrying on "The honest promise" The Lebanese Cabinet or Haifa or whom ?

Fourth Who is Haifa in the first to speak about the Resistance negatively ? yes she is a human and Lebanese and has the right to say what she wants ,I am a person who believes in freedom of expression but as I hinted before this lady took a private jet which is said to be owned by a wealthy Gulf prince or business man from day two exactly and came to Egypt , She left her people to die and then she comes to speak.

And what is this "Girl of South" talk ? What South ? Already I read that her dad is angry from her and considered her dead person because of what she presents from so-called Art !! What Art ?? well you may consider it so if you consider what the Playboy presents is an Art !!

For God Sake the great wonderful beautiful Lady of South Julia Boutres came from Dubai to Lebanon when the war started and stood with the southerns and Resistance !!

I feel so angry when I find someone like Haifa wants to have publicity says that she sends her greetings to the fighters in the resistance , baby girl they don't wait or want your greetings

And yes I know you can't imagine it but Haifa is originally Shiite !!

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  1. She is half Egyptian (Coptic) too

  2. Salaam... can you please tell me what "Zenobia" means?

  3. @Anonymous, may I answer please, I think I can get 5 marks bonus for this.
    Zeinobia (Zenobia) is an ancien Syrian queen who ruled from 267 to 272 A.D.

  4. Dear Zenobia

    following your line of argument about iraq. I forgot to tell you that the overwhelming majority of the christians in lebanon despise the shiaas,oppose hasn nasrallah and the war. They dont say aloud out of fear for their country. The majority of the sunni muslims in lebanon are like wise. Howeever, the islamists among the sunnis are in alliance with Hizboallah along with some inndvidual elemnts from the sectarian and political spetrum of the lebanese aerena.

    a christian lebanese friend of mine told that she beleives that if it hadnt been for the intermingled sectarian geographic distribution. Hasan Nasrallah would have made the south an independent state.

    By the way,i dont agree with the christians and the majority of the sunni muslims, who together make up the majority of the lebanese. But am just anxious to listen to your point of view.

    i only dislike Hasdan nasrallh for one reason. He said that the american occupation of iraq saved the shiaas from their opressors. The noble iraqi resistance support him whole heartedly in their websites despite of his traterous remarks.

    I hope you are democratic enough to accept and repect other opinions. Though am sure you are not. As arabs, we are dictor minded by nature

  5. @Tarek , oh my goodness she is half Egyptian too , but wait do you mean "Coptic" as an Egyptian Christian Orthodox or as Coptic Egyptian ?? wow this bombshell got many roots and backgrounds that don't suit her at all

    @anonymous, Tarek gave you the complete answer

    @Tarek ,not only 5 points but 10/10 :)

    @Amr, I answer where you stopped , I respect the other opinions the proof that I didn't delete any of the opinions and replies in my blog except may be few which contained very ruder words against my religion
    concerning the first part ,already this what the U.S wants a small federal countries on the basis of religion , anyway not all the christians in Lebanon are against Nasrallah
    same thing for the sunnis
    about Hezbollah Nasrallah 's statement ,well unfortunately Amr truth is a bitter sometimes , but the Shiites in Iraq took back lots of their rights with coming of the occupation as the american army wanted to appear as a salvation army , Saddam Hussein lost alot with his cruelty against the Shiites in Iraq , I won't say the word "Saved" but instead I will use helped them for their own intention

  6. ahahhh then hayfaa wahby, by the way idont give a dam about het nor do i respect her for me she is more of clown an animated representation of the cruel arabic reality.

    But, she had a point because of whatnasrallah is doing he brought on destruction to lebanon. No one among the christians, sunnis, druz wanted to go to war against israel.

    Besides, he absolutly had no right whatsoever for abducting the israeli soldiers. Lebanon is a country with an elected governemt it is them who should take descisions concerning relations with a foreign country.

    i read your defence of Nasrallah, you said that he mentioned something about taking action concerning the shebaa farms. Well, Zenobia that was an open ended statement made in a certain context that didnt bear any meanings concerning dragging the whole country into war.

    that was despotic, sectarian desision.

    A major step like that should have been issued by the democratically elected government of lebanon. Ohterwise it can only be classified as a gangs work.

    Hasan nasrallah brought on destruction to lebanon. entrenched sectarian tension, as Most of the non shiaa lebanese are anonymously angry at nasrallah and his shiaas for not consulting them through the legitimate channels. I mean the democratically elected lebanese government in which hisboallh is a minority bullying the rest of the lebanese who disagree with him.

    It doesnt make sense that in a modern democratic multi-religous country, a sectarian militia exclusive to shiaas remains armed to the tooth. And dont tell me it is resitance to occupation. The majority of the lebanese dont want tension with israel. It their country and it is them who should decide.

    Besides, i hate Hisboallh because in 1988 during the civil war a senior hisboallh official said in a press interview " we are iran in lebanon and lebanon in Iran" a great and high treason to the noble and proud iraq who was fighting the persian dirt to protect the Arab nation from their venom

    I t refuses to disarm to keep on pressuring the lebanese government through non democratic measures

    i saw on the cnn a video showing some christians in Bierut breaking a car carrying the hizboallh flag.

    By the way, many lebanese shiaas are full of hatred and grudge to egypt.I met once 3 young lebanese shiaas during the israeli bombarment of lebanon. They smirked at me and asked who long did Egypt fight in 1967 ? 6 days and 1973 two weeks. Then he said what is Egypt and iraq compared to iran............... i swear with the soul of my grandmother that it happened

    of course they mesed with the wrong guy. Am sure that they regret now what they had said.

    Bottom of the line the democratically elected government and the majority of the lebanese want to disarm hisboallh. and they have the right to do so. Hisboallh by refusing must be classified A TERRORIST GROUP

  7. Mr Amr you defend the Iraqi resistance despite that there is so called elected government there ,so you why you disrespect Hizbollah because it is shiite
    and about this hate and dispise talk , can I understand that Hizbollah is the reason , for God sake Hizbollah was born because of the Israeli invasion and it never opened its fire on any other Lebanese sect and anyone who says so would be a liar
    Also not all the Christians hate Hizbollah as you are referring, because you know one of the important allies to Hizbollah in Lebanon is The Lebanese Free current led by General Micheal Own ,the name is enough and his popularity is enough to disprove an discrimination what so ever
    YOu are a real strange man , you are preaching me about democracy day and night that it is some modern western invention made from 200 ,the Arab countries are liable to use especailly Iraq and Mahib El-Rokan then you are telling me about how Hizbollah broke democracy in Lebanon
    You seemed to hate everything concerning the American adminstration and described Condeeleza Rice as a monkey then you tell you using the same words about Hizbollah used by the Americans and their Allies
    what movie on the CNN, well I share with you something worst ,they showed a movie in MarjOwin where the mayor welcomes the IDF to his village !!
    Concerning the Egypt and Shiites well on New TV I saw several Shiites angry ones from the villages and subrubs asking "Where is Egypt?" ,"Is there no Nasser again in 70 millions ?"
    Look let them say what they say as all this romantic talk won't make me disrespect Hizbollah or their defence
    Look I am not going to enter to some ill Bizantic discussion
    Last question to you can u plz tell me what is the country you feel that it is the real enemy of Egypt ??

  8. "Amr, Last question to you can u plz tell me what is the country you feel that it is the real enemy of Egypt ??", Zeinobia said
    @Zeinobia, may I answer this question too, I may get 10 marks this time :)
    The answer is, Iran, because they have secret plans with Israel, USA, and may be the Satan in order to occupy the Arab world, kill the Arabs there, and replace them with Persians. Because as you know Iran has nothing to do, but making plans to dominate the Arab world and make them worship fire :D







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