Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The privatization of the Egypt Railways

Ok for -I don't know the correct number-time Egypt yesterday woke up on a train crash , a horrible one , two trains collided with each other in city of Kalyoub , the result is over 50 dead and over 100 were injured , a result of carelessness , the usual carelessness in Egypt.

This carelessness is a result of a corruption and corruption is a result of the corrupted rotten regime and the rotten regime is a result of dictatorship ,as simple as 1+1=2

The Egypt Railway was second in the world after the British Railways , Late Khadavi Ismael may God bless his soul decided to have a Railway after UK immediately. Now the Egypt Railways condition are very bad , Trains are so old and the government doesn't want to buy new ones or even fix the old ones!! The excuse is always the Budget , I am sorry but according to many news reports the expenditures of the government in Egypt are spent upon ministers offices and cars !!

By the way the government wants to privatize the Railways as it is mentioned in my post title

I am against Privatization but you can have a privatization , a real one that can bring benefit to the people and the country without the existence of corruption . You sell the country's greatest assets from factories and services to private sector for price less than the real value and the also sell to a private sector that you don't know its origin especially in the age of globalization and multi-national corporations the country's most vital and important industries and services !!

Just like this guy who purposed to buy "Omar Afandi" Egypt's most famous and biggest department stores , this department store it is enough to say that the building of its main branch in Cairo equals to a fortune because of the design of the building and its age , the new business man who purposed to buy it , the price he purposed was 9 billions I don't recall if it were Egyptian pounds or American dollars , it doesn't make difference because either way it is big sum that makes you wonder from where this man got all this money , especially he is an Egyptian and he is not a famous business man you read his name here and there !!

Oh man ,the Lebanese war is much better than this

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  1. I am with privatization when it creates a competition for the sake of the customers, but I think in the railways, if they are going to give it to a single company (like Omar Effendi), it may turn out to be some kind of monopoly. So they may either make different comapnies competing with each other (I am not sure haw can something like this be done), or put some regulations (something like NTRA but for trains). This may be the case for the underground too, coz you know, it takes our government about 15-20 years in order to add one more line to it. The project started in Sadat era, with only two lines till now. The Moscow Metro for example has 12 lines and 171 stations, in Paris there are about 16 lines.

  2. The problem is not in the privatization process itself , don't forget the most powerful economy Egypt had was before the revolution , when the private sector was controlling on the majority of the economy
    In respectable countries there are regulations and most important accountability in Egypt you don't those two so forget real privatization that will bring benefit to the country
    about the underground in Egypt , well I am not amazed about the numbers of lines in France because they have since last century but I am amazed the numbers of lines in Egypt , and the truth that it started since Sadaat era , man I thought that was another achievement from the king!!


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