Sunday, August 20, 2006

Testing image uploads again in WLW

Visitng Solitude by Ekaster from Deviant Art , a great malaysian artist who adores retro retro and black/White photography comme moi

I hope the ftp uploading works this time

That's why I hate blogger and even the new beta it still got this dirty problem , you have to host your images in some ftp enabled site if you want to post from outside the editor

man some person in the Egyptian blogs says today new Blogger beta  beats wordpress for God Sake , Wordpress since the first version got more features :(


  1. Zan. i was having a wordpress on a privet server, and you bet i left it to continue on the paid blogger as well :S
    i wa shaving my domain dear, but still blogger rocks,,

    I mean, might the layout of wordpress rocks more,,, however, it is still somethin unbearable especially when dealing with pix,, i hated myself :S

  2. @Blue, are you serious, I though wordpress is the best.
    Anyway, I myself dun wanna migrate from blogger, as you know my blog fans - I guess they are one or two fans maximum - already know the current one.

  3. come on blue , for God sake wp is much better
    if you still have your own domain I advice to install the latest version from it , and see the difference
    about the picture upload well there are many plugins, wonderful plugins for it
    how do I know well I tested it on a freehositng account :)


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